Sabrina Carpenter uses *this* cult-status highlighter as concealer

Illuminate those under-eyes like a star, why don't you?

Digital Beauty Editor / August 01 2022

Ever seen Sabrina Carpenter with anything less than divinely dewy under-eyes? We didn't think so! Which is quite impressive if you ask us, considering concealer (the product generally used in that very area) loves to cake. So what's her glossy-skinned secret?! Well, it's actually eliminating concealer altogether!

Yep, in addition to blessing our ears with the release of her no-skips album 'emails i can't send', Carpenter has also gifted us a handy trick that'll get your dark circles covered up (and positively gleaming) in one go.

The product behind the wizardry? Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter ($65 at Charlotte Tilbury), which she swipes onto her under-eye area (as well as around her nose and onto her chin) prior to foundation. She doesn't follow with another actual concealer, either; instead letting the blurring highlighter hybrid play its role entirely.


'Highlighter as concealer?!' you may be shrieking in horror, but don't stress; this particular formula is actually quite well equipped to fill the shoes of the classic coverage product.

Boasting a bevy of blurring benefits as well as impressive evening and illuminating abilities, it's able to cover up what needs to be covered (dark circles/blemishes, we're looking at you) without looking cakey in the slightest. The finish is sheer, sure, but the coverage is actually quite decent if you ask us!

It's versatile too; you can apply solo (AKA sans foundation) for a little hit of brightening coverage, beneath your base (like Carpenter) or mixed with your foundation to brighten and polish your face even further.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Ready to follow along? We thought you might be! You can take a look at Carpenter's trick in action here...

Main image credit: Getty Images

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