A step-by-step guide to Sabrina Carpenter’s “Feather” MV hair

She took the hair ribbon trend to a new level

Content Producer / November 03 2023

Sabrina Carpenter’s “Feather” music video is the epitome of ‘gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss’. 

The rising pop princess has released the keenly-awaited video for the ‘emails i can’t sendsingle - and it’s delivered in all its campy, satirical glory. A visual homage to Carpenter’s empowered single girl era, the 24-year-old’s styling team truly outdid themselves.

Carpenter’s long, Rapunzel-like hair is one of the true standouts. At the hands of stylist Danielle Priano, the singer’s golden locks were extended to mermaid status, with her Bardot-esque bangs remaining front and centre.

Her other look channelled a more coquette vibe: two twin braids accented with adorable pink ribbons.

Speaking with Byrdie, Priano explained how she accomplished the look.

Image: @sabrinacarpenter

Transforming her already enviable hair, Priano combined two shades of 24-inch Bellami hair extensions - Sun Kissed Blonde and Light Honey Blonde ($715 each at Bellami).

Providing the foundation for the tape-ins by backcombing the singer’s roots, Priano blended in the look with “a strong-hold hairspray or volumizing powder over the teased area,” further blending by trimming everything into the natural hair.

For the finishing touch, the stylist introduced voluminous curls into the equation. Alternating between 1.25 and 1.5 inch rods, she achieved a windswept texture. The curls were then brushed out, giving off an effortless vibe that played well with the overall air of the video. The pièce de résistance, however, was the black veil. Far more than a mere accessory, it serves as a narrative crown that veils Carpenter's persona in a shroud of mystery and allure.

The singer’s alternating look serves as the ultimate on-trend hair inspo, with the ultra-feminine feel contrasting the ‘himbo’ characters that surround her.

Image: @sabrinacarpenter

To achieve the look, her stylist explained to Byrdie that the clean look started with a precise middle part, as achieved with a fine-toothed comb. Tying the hair into two pigtails at the nape of Carpenter’s neck, she then plaited both sides and secured the ends with a small rubber band.

The ultimate finishing touch? The light pink ribbons. As explained to the outlet, they were laced “into the braid starting from the elastic band at the top [and weaving] in and out of the braided section” to which she tucked the ends into the elastic bands at the end.

Main image credit: @sabrinacarpenter

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