Sam Frost just shared a *completely* makeup-free selfie

Sam Frost's makeup-free selfie

Spoiler: She looks just as stunning without makeup

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 29 2018

While it can be easy to get caught up in a world full of filtered faces, flawless complexions and perfect makeup, there’s nothing like a good ol’ celebrity ‘no makeup’ selfie to remind us to embrace our natural beauty from time to time. And Sam Frost is one of these goodies.

While she’s certainly no stranger to sharing honest, barefaced snaps on social media (just have a squiz at her Instagram feed), it’s nice to see that she’s continuing to keep it real.

The Aussie star recently took to Instagram Stories to post a completely makeup-free selfie prior to getting her makeup done – and boy is she killing it. 

Showing off her uber clear skin and smattering of freckles, she captioned the post ‘Blank Canvas’.

Sam’s selfie just goes to show she looks just as stunning fresh-faced at home as she does all glammed up on the red carpet. The candidly honest snap puts her luminous skin on full display – and we want to know ALL her skin care secrets!

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Inset image credit: @fro01

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