Sarah Hyland got a tattoo removed and documented the painful process

Sarah Hyland Laser Tattoo Removal

We have a feeling she’ll think twice before getting a purple dinosaur tattoo in the future

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / November 12 2019

Tattoos used to be forever, but as Sarah Hyland just proved, you can erase any bad ink decisions with the help of a little laser. But don’t expect to get off pain-free.

It was barely two years ago that the Modern Family star took to Instagram to show off a cheeky photo of her latest tattoo: a purple dinosaur on her right butt cheek. “We believe in dinosaurs,” she wrote, along with a #dinobootybabies hashtag. Also in the photo was Sarah’s friend Katie Welch, who showed off an almost identical tattoo, only hers features just the outline of a dinosaur.

It seems the novelty of the cute - albeit random - tattoo has already worn off. Sarah shared footage of herself undergoing a laser treatment with registered nurse Jamie Sherrill, AKA Nurse Jamie, at her Los Angeles medspa.

"Actual reaction to some laser tattoo removal @nursejamiela 😂," Sarah wrote over a front-facing selfie video where she looked to be in a considerable amount of pain. 

Nurse Jamie turns the laser on again and as it beeps, the camera shakes and Sarah yelps in pain, "Oof! That hurts". 

Sherrill asks her, "Spicy?", to which Sarah replies, "Spicy!"

While we can’t be 100 per cent sure it’s the dinosaur tattoo she’s having removed, Nurse Jamie does appear to be focussing the laser around that area. 

We’re also not sure why Sarah has decided to remove the tatt. Given her friend Katie posted a pic of the two of them at Sarah’s engagement party (she's marrying former The Bachelorette US contestant and TV presenter Wells Adams) two weeks ago, it’s safe to assume the tattoo removal has nothing to do with a friendship breakup.

Our guess is she outgrew the little cartoon drawing. Sarah has several other tattoos, including a black arrow between her shoulder blades, the words ‘follow my heartbeat’ in cursive on her left ribcage and a hummingbird behind her right ear. They’re all very delicate and meaningful, which always made the dinosaur seem out of place. 

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Do you have any tattoos you regret getting? Have you ever tried laser tattoo removal? We’d love to hear about your experience below.

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