Selena Gomez’ makeup artist shares her revolutionary contour secret

We’ve been doing it all wrong

Content Producer / August 03 2023

Selena Gomez' contour hack

Armed with the Kiko Milano Sculpting Creamy Touch Contour Stick in ‘Chocolate’ ($36.52 at Amazon) and the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer Brush ($32 at Sephora), Murdick focuses on the hollow of the cheek. 

Using the traditional method of ‘pulling a fishy face’, rather than drawing a line, she dabs the product right into the hollow in the centre of the cheek and blends it out.

"I can place the dark colour right in the centre and then blend gently out from there, both up and in a little bit to diffuse that contour,” she said.

"You end up with a really gentle hollow that sculpts the face but doesn’t look unnatural,” she continued.

To create an extra-natural, sculpted look, she finishes off the look with her foundation brush, using the leftover product to diffuse the contour into the skin in a patting motion.

The result? A barely detectable shadow that sculpts the face naturally. No more muddy lines! Better yet, this technique works perfectly on round or heart-shaped faces. 

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