Selena Gomez's top 6 picks from her Rare Beauty range

She's playin' favourites

Beauty Editor / July 24 2023

Try and open TikTok without seeing a Rare Beauty product, we dare you. In just under three years, Selena Gomez has cemented her makeup line as the go-to brand for makeup artists, beauty editors and arguably the most influential of all, Alix Earle.

For those of us who prefer to talk numbers, Bloomberg recently revealed that in 2022, Rare Beauty sold $104 million worth of blushes alone. Yup, it's a good day to be Gomez. Actually, while we're on the topic, it's also a good day to be the mental health foundation: Rare Impact Fund, who receive one per cent of the brand's revenue.

With that being said, it's certainly not hard to tell which Rare Beauty products are most beloved by consumers. However, we'd love to know which items within the range Gomez herself is most frequently reaching for...


1. Soft Pinch Lip Oil and Kind Words Matte Lip Liner

New-ish to the range, the Soft Pinch Lip Oil ($35 at Sephora) has been housed in similar packaging to the liquid blush (subconsciously making us love it before so much as untwisting the golden lid).

"This lip oil has a really special texture. It's comfortable and applies like a jelly but transforms into an oil that's nourishing," Gomez told Byrdie. "One swipe and your lips look so full." 

"For a natural, everyday makeup look, I really like 'Hope', a nude mauve. I'll pair it with the Kind Words Matte Lip Liner ($27 at Sephora) in 'Worthy', a muted mauve."

2. Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation


Despite earning industry-wide props for its inclusive shade range, Gomez praised the Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation ($52 at Sephora) for its ability to “just melts onto your skin, so you forget you’re wearing anything,” she told StyleCaster.

3. Soft Pinch Blush

Oh, take your fake surprise elsewhere. Obviously the cult-favourite liquid blush was going to be one of Gomez's favourite children. "There’s nothing like a soft hint of blush to add dimension and color to your look," she told StyleCaster.

As for her favourite shade within the vast range? We've got it on good authority that the Can't Keep My Hands To Myself singer holds a special place in her heart for the peachy-nude 'Virtue' ($41 at Sephora). 

4. Perfect Strokes Universal Volumising Mascara 

Not only is the Perfect Strokes Universal Volumising Mascara ($35 at Sephora) adored by Gomez, but she feels strongly that it'll be a favourite of yours too. “While I was creating this product I learned that finding a mascara that works for you is just as personal as finding your go-to foundation,” she said.

From its long-wear formulation to the lash-defining wand, Gomez assured, "this is truly a universal mascara that works for everyone.”

5. All Of The Above Weightless Eyeshadow Stick

This one might come without an attached quote but if the look in Gomez's eye after swiping her lid with the All Of The Above Weightless Eyeshadow Stick ($39 at Sephora) is anything to go off - she's in luuuurve. And so are we! 


Main image credit: @rarebeauty

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