5 fake tanning tips you’ve (maybe) never heard

Self-Tanning Tips You’ve Never Heard Before - Romee Strijd

Secrets to a sun-kissed glow this summer

marie claire Contributor / December 13 2017

It doesn’t seem to matter how many summers come and go, or how many fake tanning products we try, there’s always room for improvement. From your technique to mistakes you may be making, here are five fake tanning tips to help you master your faux bronzed glow.

#1 / Strategic tanning

Targeted tanning was made for the time-poor. “Thanks to social media, outfit planning is now done much further in advance, so you can be strategic,” explains St. Tropez ambassador Emma Kotch. Don’t tan head to toe; instead, tan only what’s visible in a selfie.

#2 / Bronzed back

If you find your back hard to do, Kotch suggests turning the mitt around so that the applicator side is on the back of your hand – this gives you extra flexibility and allows you to reach more of your back.

#3 / Undo errors

To fix a faux pas, “mix a gentle body polish with an oil, and apply to the problem areas to ensure an even, all-over fade, and repeat until you’re happy,” says Kotch (or try Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser, an exfoliation-free formula that can disappear your tan in a matter of five minutes). In a rush? Layer an instant tan product over the top to even out skin tone.

#4 / Avoid accidental exfoliation

Post-beach, resist vigorously rubbing yourself dry. “Patting skin dry helps protect the delicate top layer of skin and increase the longevity of your tan,” says Kotch.

#5 / For special occasions

Try this: “Use a mitt to sweep St. Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss over limbs. Build up the gloss on collarbones, shoulders and shins – this is my favourite trick for wedding tans and celebrity clients as it picks up beautifully under flash photography,” shares Kotch.

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Products to try: St. Tropez Dark Self Tan Dark Lotion; James Read Gradual Tan Coconut Melting Tanning Balm Face & Body; Paula’s Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Foam


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What self-tanning tips do you swear by? 

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