The simple step that could completely change your foundation game

Why you need to shake your foundation

We’ll never skip it again

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / March 03 2020

Sooo, does anyone else out there ignore the whole ‘shake before using’ thing on your foundation bottle? Well, according to a recent Reddit thread, those instructions are actually on there for a reason!

A Reddit user who goes by the name Shortline85, gave the Internet a heads up about the importance of shaking your liquid foundation bottle, sharing the HUGE difference in the appearance of her foundation base before and after shaking her foundation.



Um, it looks like she’s wearing two completely different foundations!

After applying her favourite Smashbox foundation, Shortline85 found her skin looked a bit discoloured. “I noticed it looked a bit orange. I applied it on another day and felt I was getting the same orange color,” she explained.

Upon closer inspection, she noticed the formula had actually separated in the bottle and streaks of orange and white were visible.“I shook it for a long time and applied it. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but I saw a huge difference.”

Can you see it?! In the before image her skin looks a tad shiny and the colour isn’t a great match for her skin tone – leaving her complexion with an orange tinge. In the second photo, her base looks perfectly even, matte and flawless. All because of a little shaking. 

Fellow Redditors were quick to share similar results upon shaking their foundation bottles. One user wrote, “I have the Fenty foundation and I love it. It says to shake before use on the bottle. One morning I was running late and didn't shake it too much, looked in the car mirror later that day (the mirror of truth am I right?) and was horrified. I was orange! But I wore Fenty so many times so I knew it wasn't right. The next day I shook the hell out of it and checked again, no oompa loompa for me!”

Another Redditor replied to this comment, writing, “Omg I haven’t shaken mine since I got it and I was so confused why it was suddenly oxidizing!! I think you just solved my problem.”

You know what to do. Shake, shake, shake.

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