Shawn Mendes just revealed the product behind his luscious locks

Good hair isn’t JUST in his blood

Digital Beauty Editor / October 19 2020

Shawn Mendes may have been already nominated for a few Grammy’s (and rightfully so; "Señorita" slapped), but we think there’s one other award that needs to be created immediately, solely so we can give it straight to him. We're talking about “Best Head of Hair”, of course.

Because while heartthrob hair is certainly nothing new (shoutout to the Bieber flip that stopped hearts, including ours, around the globe), we maintain that Mendes’ mane is in a league of its own.

And though there’s obviously some level of genetic blessing going on with many of his standout features (the talent, the jawline, the naturally luscious locks, we could go on and on…) that doesn’t mean he’s not still putting in his fair share of work to keep them all at their very best.

Now, in a blessing for dry and lifeless locks everywhere, the 22-year-old has just revealed the exact product he uses to keep his hair as soft, shiny and magical as possible: Moroccanoil’s Hydrating Styling Cream. So, it turns out that if he did win aforementioned award, the blue-labelled bottle would be first on his list of things to thank.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream

The confession came by way of an extremely endearing apology text Mendes sent to BBC Radio 1 host, Greg James, after accidentally missing an interview slot. After exchanging a few messages, James shot his shot in the haircare recommendation department: “While I've got you, from one long-haired sex symbol to another, can you recommend some good styling products please?” he asked the singer.

Mendes came through: “LOL man honestly what works for me is the Moroccan hydrating cream. Then some oil to lock in the edges,” he replied. And while the identity of said oil remains under wraps, we’ll settle for bathing in the cream for the time being…

FYI, if you love Mendes’ long-haired look as much as we do, there’s no need to stress about it disappearing anytime soon, and it's all because of his girlfriend Camila Cabello. When Aussie radio host Smallzy quizzed him on whether the length was a result of COVID making haircuts trickier, Mendes confirmed that while it may have started that way, it’s now (literally) grown into something else altogether. 

“[I’m] just vibing a longer ‘do these days,” he explained. “At first it was a COVID cut, and then all of a sudden I was like “I don’t mind this actually”. Then Camila started saying that I had to keep growing it and usually when your girlfriend says she likes your hair, you don’t change it; rule number one.”

So, if anyone happens to get a hold of Cabello anytime soon, please pass on our eternal gratitude…

Main image credit: @shawnmendes/@josiahvandien

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