Hailey Bieber reveals how she helped Justin clear his acne

The Biebers redefine couple goals yet again

Digital Beauty Editor / September 17 2020

Million dollar mansion and decade-long recording career aside, Justin Bieber is just like us – in other words, he totally gets breakouts, too.

Unlike us, however, Justin has his wife Hailey Bieber to coach him through every step of his skin care journey, to make sure he’s keeping his face in the best possible shape. We must admit Hailey’s a pretty amazing person to have on your side when it comes to complexion care, too – girl’s got some serious glow and loves a multiple-step skin care routine.

And now, she's revealing how she helped Justin to clear up his most recent round of blemishes. "Justin went through a couple months of really bad adult onset acne, [so] I went through trying to figure out what works for him,” Hailey shared of the process in a recent episode of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Skin School series.


But while the acne-fighting solution the pair discovered came in the form of medication rather than topicals, Justin’s skin still needed a little help to get back to a balanced state: “Probably four or five months ago he went on [Roaccutane] to help, and that medication is extremely drying so I was trying to help him through that process,” Hailey explained.

“He was using ointments on his skin, because he felt like his skin was literally falling off, so [it was about finding] products [that] would be hydrating without being oily.”

It seems the pair found what they were looking for in the nourishing-but-non-greasy department in the end, though. “We found the right combo for him that worked; now his skin looks great and it's glowing," she said. Team work makes the dream work, right? We wonder if Hailey’s open to taking appointments…

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