Hailey Bieber has *officially* given us the way to re-create her iconic flush

She's done it again...

Content Producer / June 12 2024

If there's one thing we know for certain, it's that when one Mrs Hailey Bieber talks, we shut up and listen. Not only does the beauty aficionado know what's up in the beauty world, she's an absolute trend-setter (glazed donut nails, anyone?). We'll copy the model to the ends of the earth (it's the sincerest form of flattery, no?). From her hair colour to skin care and even down to her signature perfume

We might've earnt serious copycat status (but didn't we all) from all the time spent refreshing Bieber's socials. But when she launched her own beauty brand (Rhode Beauty) she basically gave us free reign (right??). Starting out as a solely skin care-based brand, Rhode Beauty has slowly been releasing more and more beauty products. Case in point, her iconic peptide lip treatment that took the world by storm (especially sitting in it's ultra-cute phone case). 

But there's one thing we've been patiently waiting for... Rhode Beauty blush. 

Rhode Beauty Blush

Bieber has been hinting at this release for months, creating her iconic 'Strawberry Girl' summer makeup with two 'top secret' blushes. Well we guess the cat's out of the bag and Rhode's Pocket Blushes are officially heading our way. In fact, they're now available for pre-order ahead of their June 20th launch.

Rhode Beauty Blush Shades 

Okay we might not be able to get our hands on the blushes ($24 at Rhode Skin) just yet (unless you're willing to book flights to the States) or have a hook up (please, let us know). But the 'pocket-sized' range is bringing sustainability, skin-loving ingredients (peptides and tamanu oil) along with a satiny, creamy, diffused finished. 

The much-anticipated shades include: 

Piggy- Baby pink 

Juice Box- Hot pink

Spicy Marg- Bright coral 

Freckle- Natural peach

Sleepy Girl- Soft mauve 

Toasted Teddy- Bronze terracotta 

Basically, we're obsessed. And while we might not be ditching our current fave liquid blush (IYKYK), you best bet we'll be doing the most to test out these gorgeous creamy shades ourselves. 

Main Image Credit: @haileybieber

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