Is Rhode skin care actually good? A dermal clinician weighs in

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Beauty Editor / September 21 2023

No one in the history of the world would dispute how impeccable Hailey Bieber's skin is. Even the most diehard Selenators can't deny that the lady has a near-perfect complexion. After all, despite the best efforts of nearly every schmick marketing firm, no one can manufacture a viral moment quite like Bieber. She's the brains behind strawberry makeup and the face behind glazed donut skin, so it's no wonder her beauty brand Rhode has become an instant sellout (at least among her engaged social media following).

As for what the experts have to say? Well, here's a first impression review from TikTok's favourite dermal clinician Jayde Taylor AKA @drivenbybeauty

Here's what a dermal clinician had to say about Rhode

First thing's first, Taylor (bless her) had never even heard of Bieber, let alone Rhode. Admittedly, she noted that medical journals were her form of Vogue. Although to be active on TikTok and still not recognise Bieber's face is quite the achievement. 

With that in mind however, she was able to give an unbiased review of the Rhode range.

"I know what some of you are thinking, 'oh a celebrity skin care line, Jayde's not a fan of them' but this one flew under the radar," she said. Her radar perhaps, but certainly not ours.

Within just moments of perusing the Rhode website, Taylor had already touted the dermatologist-developed line as being a "recipe for barrier repair." And while she's certainly not the first celebrity to launch a beauty brand, Taylor did give Bieber credit for being the first to use one specific ingredient.

"Hailey, you may be the only celebrity that I know of that actually isn't afraid of surfactants," she said, speaking of the ingredient that's allegedly feared by the clean beauty industry. 

Aside from having a personal distaste to the strong 'Vanilla Cake' flavour of the Peptide Lip Treatment, Taylor gave the entire range a glowing review.

"You know when you over do it on your retinol and you turn into a snake? This is going to help you because it's going to help with fine lines, dryness and dullness, it's delicious," she said, comparing the range to products you'd find within the K-Beauty market. 

As for her favourite product within the range? With praise flying every which way, it's hard to know for sure. However if we had to choose, we think Taylor was most fond of the Peptide Glazing Milk: "I absolutely adore it." Check out the full video here.

If you're asking us? Well, considering the is yet to ship down under and we're still relying on Rhode dupes, our review might take a little longer...

Main image credit: @rhode

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