We know EXACTLY what Hailey Bieber smells like right now

And no, it’s not a glazed donut

Beauty Content Assistant / August 25 2023

Hailey Bieber’s favourite perfume

You know that fragrance you’ve had since you were 17 (fresh bottles of course) that you cannot seem to let go of? Maybe it’s the nostalgia of teen memories or that it’s just generally a really great fragrance either way, you just keep reaching for it.

Well, Bieber is no different! And while she does say she likes to change up her fragrance (we’ll keep you updated) the Laura Mercier fragrance in ‘Vanille’ ($114 at Selfridges) has been her go-to fragrance for years. With multiple vanilla notes and a musky woody undertone, we can see why it's a favourite (although what 17 year old has such good taste?).

Hailey Bieber’s favourite body oil

She’s also been loving using the super artisanal Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil ($84.50 at I Am Naturals Store) to hydrate her skin. The antioxidant-rich, mineral infused oil is clearly the secret to Bieber’s glowing nourished skin, and she credits it with having a hand in her scent. 

So there we have it. Hailey Bieber smells “like vanilla and then body oil.” A winning combo in our eyes!

Main Image Credit: @haileybieber

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