Hailey Bieber is launching a beauty brand and here's what we know...

Let's just say there have been some 'Rhode' blocks along the way...

Digital Beauty Editor / February 04 2021

Considering Hailey Bieber is who we turn to for just about every kind of beauty inspo, it’s only fitting that she should be cooking up a beauty brand of her own.

Because though it's almost unique to not have one at this stage, it does seem like a natural move for her; she definitely knows her way around a solid skin care routine and has even helped husband Justin sort his own skin struggles. Let's just say she knows her stuff.

Hailey herself may not yet have confirmed the line, but according to legal documents obtained by TMZ, she’s looking to launch an array of products across the beauty and wellness categories, ranging from bath and shower products and fragrances to haircare, skin care and makeup.


Thinking this all sounds a tad familiar? You’re right. Haley has actually filed similar documents quite a few times now, as she seems to be having a few issues in the naming department.

While her latest ones are looking to obtain rights to the brand name ‘Rhode’ (her middle name, FYI), she’s previously attempted to do the same for several others such as 'Rhode Beauty', 'HB Beauty by Hailey Bieber', 'HRBeauty', 'Dew Beauty' and 'Dewy Beauty', unfortunately to no avail.


One of the more notable misses, however, was her April 2019 attempt, where she filed a trademark for ‘Bieber Beauty’ only for it to be rejected as a result of sharing too many similarities with one that Justin filed back in 2010. We all remember his iconic fragrance line, right?

But while Justin may have been a roadblock re: the legalities on that one, it seems he also served as a source of inspiration, considering Hailey followed his lead with the whole ‘using your middle name’ thing. In case you missed it, his clothing line is billed ‘House of Drew’ after his own.

So, while we wait for news on whether ‘Rhode’ will be the name that passes the test, we’ll be busy dreaming about all the gloriously glossy highlighters and beautiful brightening serums she could be releasing in the future...

P.S. Sephora and MECCA if you're reading this, we'd love an Australian stockist.

Main image credit: @haileybieber

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