Hailey Bieber had glow-in-the-dark nails at Coachella

And it’s not the first time!

Content Producer / April 18 2024

You’re probably wondering: how on earth did you miss Hailey Bieber having glow-in-the-dark, radioactive green nails?! Look it’s actually not the first time Rhode founder has opted for the bright green glowing mani, which we have to admit is a tad surprising considering her usual clean girl aesthetic. Just last Coachella the model opted for a very similar mani look. Clearly something’s in the air when it comes to Coachella and Bieber, because it’s a pretty big day for her to ditch her signature ‘glazed donut’ look. 

Turning to her trusted celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt (creator of said ‘glazed donut’ mani), Bieber was evidently after something that stood out. And boy did Ganzorigt have the perfectly bold radioactive look for her!

While the nail queen herself hasn’t dropped the exact shades, the great shade debate has raged on in the comments. And we think they’re pretty spot on with their guesses. However there’s one step that’s left us all stumped: the glow. Yep, the main attraction of Bieber’s radioactive mani is the one step we’re just not so sure about. But don’t worry, we’ve taken our detective work seriously and we’ve found some pretty great alternatives to help recreate the martian man-inspired nail look. And if Ganzorigt finally drops the tute, you just know we’ll be back to let you know. 

Recreating the radioactive mani

Okay like we said, these are just our sneaking suspicions. However, the fact that Ganzorigt is an OPI ambassador makes us fairly certain that she’s opted for an OPI shade. Now the two shades that came up time and time again in the comments section were OPI ‘Cactus What You Preach’ ($16.77 usually $23.95 at Adore Beauty) and OPI ‘I’m Yacht Leaving’ ($23.95 at Myer). 

Our heavily-trained beauty-loving eyes suspect that ‘Cactus What You Preach’ offers too much of an aqua hue to be the exact match for Bieber’s mani, so we’re striking that one from our minds (and our shopping lists) and focusing solely on ‘I’m Yacht Leaving’. But what turns this teal polish from a pop of colour to the wow-worthy glow-in-the-dark shade that captured our attention? 

Well, glow-in-the-dark polish (and dipping powder) definitely exists. Our only question is which did Ganzorigt trust to transform Bieber's nails into the likes of the stars on your childhood bedroom ceiling? We may never know. But if you’re besties with your manicurist (or have a LED lamp at home) we suggest opting for the Gelous Glow In The Dark Top Coat ($22 at Gelous) to give you that extra green-tinted luminous glow. 

OPI ‘Cactus What You Preach’

OPI ‘I’m Yacht Leaving’

Gelous Glow In The Dark Top Coat

We promise to keep scouring Ganzorigt’s socials for any signs of exact mani-matches, but in the meantime you have our top suggestions. Because let’s be real, a pop of colour really does make a statement. Especially when it glows in the dark!

Main Image Credit: @haileybieber

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