The short hair trends to try (and avoid) this summer

It’s time to go short

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / December 27 2022

When it comes to summer hair trends, we can safely say the past few years have been a long and romantic ode to beachy waves.

But there’s been a shift in the tides and now we’re starting to see a wave of short styles sweep runways and red carpets. 

Tempted to take the plunge and chop your hair but unsure where to start? We spoke to one of Sydney’s most-trusted hair stylists, Anthony Nader. As a self-professed fan of short hair, the founder of Raw by Anthony Nader wants to encourage women to be “more inquisitive about shorter haircuts,” which he believes are a display of strength and confidence. 

Here’s his expert advice on the short hair trends to try (and avoid) in 2023.

Summer short hair trends 2023

1/ The pixie

“Emma Watson is your absolute go-to for the warmer months ahead,” says Nader, who loves the “soft, feminine, and playful” qualities of the actress’ fresh new pixie cut

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2/ The bixie crop

“How incredible does Charlize look now with her darker hair and 90’s punkish crop? What I adore about her shorter length is that it’s still long enough that she can wear it slick with a deep side part or wear it loose embracing her natural texture,” explains Nader. 

“[It] can be left out and can be swept away clean into a low ponytail,” he went on to say. The bixie haircut “ticks so many boxes for me.”

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3/ Short on the sides

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tilda Swinton with a bad haircut,” Nader confesses. “I love that she can wear her hair very short on the sides and back, and then the top is left disconnected.”

“You’ve got this length that is dramatic,” he explains, noting that you can use it “to create different hair shapes to suit how you’re feeling that day.”

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 4/ The modern romantic punk

Nader noticed a host of short hairstyles with a “romantic punk influence” while working backstage at the 2022/23 Fashion Week shows in Milan. “So many models backstage had short crops which I really admired and it’s really about time,” he confirms.

“The hairlines were kept natural” says Nader. “[There weren’t any] solid or blunt fringes, and mostly the hair shapes looked modern.”

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The best products for styling short hair in summer

1/ Skinny flat irons

Nader recommends investing in an extra skinny hair straightener “to give your strands more direction and longevity”. They’re also “excellent for flattening out stubborn frizzy roots and adding loose waves.”

Try: ghd mini straightener ($290 at Adore Beauty)

ghd mini straightener

2/ Sea salt cream

Unlike sea salt spray, you need to think of sea salt cream as giving the “hair texture of beach water, but not brittle… it's softer and feels more real,” says Nader. He suggests rubbing a little in your palms and working it through the hair, then letting it dry naturally. The result? Plump volume and a touch of definition where you need it.  

Try: SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Hair Cream ($45 at Sephora)

SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Hair Cream

3/ A diffuser

“Want to enhance more of your natural waves or curls this season?” asks Nader. “Attach a diffuser on the end of your hairdryer.” 

The attachment helps to ensure you get the styling benefits of the hair dryer's heat settings. “The heat is the key here and not the fast air flow,” he explains. “You’ll love using this for shorter hair styles.”

Try: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in Vinca Blue/Rose ($599 at MYER)

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in Vinca Blue/Rose

Summer hair accessories for short hair

1/ Patterned clips

“Life is too short for boring hair clips,” says Nader. “It's summer, invest in patterned clips.” 

“Make them a feature and try to not cover them up,” he suggests. 

Try: Izoa Mia Hair Clip Set ($39 at The Iconic)

Izoa Mia Hair Clip Set

2/ Turban headbands

Nader wants you to follow the lead of Gucci and Missoni and adopt the turban headband styles synonymous with their ready-to-wear collections.  

“Headbands are fun,” he insists. He suggests using one as a statement piece during the day and swapping it with something more suited to the evening before you go out with your friends. 

Try: Missoni Striped Elastic Hair Band ($465 at My Theresa)

Missoni Striped Elastic Hair Band

3/ Minimalist hair clips

Minimalist hair clips are an easy way to add a bit of fun to your hair, according to Nader. 

He suggests sliding various shapes and styles “just behind your ear” or you can “create a deep side part and slide in your clip just above your eyebrow arch.”  

Try: Straand Secure Clips ($14.95 at Straand)

Straand Secure Clips

How to not style short hair

1/ Go easy on the hair gel

“Gel is so #1984 if not used correctly,” warns Nader. So if you’re going to use it, he suggests a less is more approach. Too much product and your hair can look “way too stiff and rock hard”.

He recommends blow drying the “product into the hair as well so it absorbs into each hair strand otherwise it just sits on top of the hair.”

2/ Don’t use a comb

“Just pop your comb in the drawer for the summer and use your fingers instead,” Nader insists. 

Why should we be retiring our combs when the weather warms up? “Using a comb will stretch out your natural movement,” says Nader. “[It can] also create track-like marks, which is fine, if you just scored a part in a Mad Max movie.”

3/ Ease up on the dry shampoo

“There’s nothing worse than a chalky and flaky dry shampoo — especially on short hair,” says Nader. Instead, he recommends investing in a “coloured spray that matches your hair colour and also has fine particles.” 

Most stores let you road-test your next purchase “so don't be afraid to take that can for a ride for 24 hours.”

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From the side fringe revival to spiky strands, there are a handful of trends to explore in the new year — these are the 2023 hair trends you should know about. 

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