Selena Gomez's makeup artist just proved you only need one lip liner in your collection

No matter the shade of your bullet

Digital Beauty Editor / August 12 2020

We’ve all been there: you find the perfect unique lipstick shade that you just know all your friends will want the name of as soon as they spy it, and you’re raring to go on the power pout front, only to realise you definitely don’t have a liner that matches – damn.

The thing is, there are a lot more lipsticks in the world than there are liners, and (unfortunately) not every lippy shade comes with its ideal liner counterpart. And so, the colour-matching conundrum occurs all too often.

The way we see it is you have three options; A) go liner-less (AKA smear city), B) swap in a safer shade (not really an option once you’ve already fallen in love with a certain lippy), or C) take the advice of makeup artist (and Insta superstar) Hung Vanngo, who has a clever hack suited to solve this very scenario.

What’s that we hear? A resounding vote for option C? Just as we thought...

Vanngo is all for a little lip liner action, especially when working with a hydrating formula like the outrageously stunning wet-finish neon orange hue he was using at the time (and even if he’s going in with a precision lip brush).

“I [do] apply with a brush, but because this is a very creamy lipstick I [still] want to use a lip liner with it,” he explained via a recent YouTube video. “[The issue is] I had a hard time finding a similar colour.” Been there...

“So, what I did [is I] used a nude lip liner [and] just traced along the lip line [to keep the colour confined],” he explains, confirming that yes, you technically only need one lip liner in your kit. As for his favourite formula, he’s a fan of Marc Jacobs’ clever crayon-pencil hybrid.

By going in first with a neutral liner that matches your skin tone, you’ll be able to crisp up the edges and stop your new favourite colour from bleeding or spreading, leaving it no option but to look utterly fabulous all damn day. Keen to recreate Vanngo's tangerine moment for yourself? Here are the exact products he used...

Marc Jacobs (P)outliner Longwear Lip Liner in Nudeist

Sigma Beauty S20 Eye Cream Brush

Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Lipstick in Sun Snatched

Main image credit: @hungvanngo

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