Simone Ashley used to use hand wash and hand cream on her face

Hardly a routine fit for a royal!

Content Producer / October 26 2023

Simone Ashley’s come a long way from washing her face with hand wash and moisturising with hand cream.

As a self-admitted skin care newbie, it was her involvement in Bridgerton that prompted her to take a deeper interest in the products she uses.

“Before [the show], I wasn’t so great with taking care of my skin. I would just wash my face with hand soap and moisturise with hand cream - which wasn’t great but worked for me at the time.”

Fortunately, for those with genetically-blessed flawless skin like Ashley, the products she uses only seem to enhance her natural glow.

In a recent video with Harper’s Bazaar UK, the 28-year-old actress divulged on her beauty learnings, product recommendations she’s picked up on set and, of course, her current routine.

Starting with a cleanser (an actual face wash, thankfully), she adds moisture back into her skin with none other than the La Mer Treatment Lotion ($185 at La Mer), focusing on the nose area and under-eyes. From hand cream to La Mer; not a bad transition if you ask us.

“Recently I’ve been learning more about how to take care of my skin. The more I’m travelling and the more I’m working, the more I’m introduced to different products,” she said.

“I don’t like to use too much with anything, I just like to keep it really simple.”

She follows up her simple routine with the La Mer Creme De La Mer ($170 at MECCA), explaining a “tiny, tiny bit goes a long way”.

For that extra splash of hydration, she locks it all in with the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Chamomile and Lavender ($11 at MECCA).

As for the rest of her body care, Ashley let on that Kate Sharma’s legendary glow is the product of Glossier’s Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream ($43 at Glossier). Now available to shop in Australia, the lotion bears a pearly, metallic finish - perfect for promenading (or your daily dose of body moisture, you decide).

Main image credit: @simoneashley

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