This is exactly what Sofia Richie eats in a day

Scrambled eggs and blueberries… seriously?

August 26 2020

Unless you’ve been doing a digital detox for the last 26 days straight (unlikely… it’s 2020 and there’s literally nothing to do except scour social medial) you would have seen at least one picture of Sofia Richie’s banging post-breakup body. (For those not in the know, she called it quits with Scott Disick at the start of August after three years of dating.)

But going back to her IG feed, real quick. There are pics of her sunning her buns on a yacht in the middle of the ocean…

And hanging out on her couch in her undies and a hoodie…

And stretching to show off her cheese grater abs…

Surely, we’re not the only ones sitting here wondering how on earth she got so freaking fit?

Lucky for us, the 21-year-old is constantly posting about what she puts on her plate. Most days, it’s pretty darn healthy (fruit! Smoothies! Salads! etc.) but she also likes indulging (girl, same.)


For brekkie, she kicks things off with a cup of tea, scrambled eggs on toast and a side of blueberries. If she’s feeling it, she’ll mix this up with pancakes and a few slices of bacon.


Her midday meal always involves a variation of greens (e.g. kale, spinach and rocket). One salad, in particular, involved cherry tomatoes, chopped cucumbers and salmon with a vinaigrette. And sometimes, when she's in need of extra fuel she’ll opt for a sandwich using whole wheat bread and deli meat, tomatoes and avo. 


For dinner, Sofia is alllll about carbs. If, say, she’s out at a restaurant she'll orders rotini pasta, gnocchi or pizza with truffle oil.  At home, she's a little more low key. Think, sautéed carrots, with chicken and potatoes.


Sofia is a *huge* fan of green juices (because, antioxidants.) Via her stories, she previously shared a recipe for one she made with red apple, celery, cucumber, lettuce, parsley, ginger, lemon, kale and spinach. 

10/10 for yum.

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