Sofia Richie-Grainge is "clinically obsessed" with this lip balm

It might be the one affordable item in her arsenal

Beauty Editor / July 04 2023

Let's face it, Sofia Richie has hardly ever been a representative of budget beauty. But, since adding 'Grainge' to her surname, she has without a doubt become the poster girl for the immaculate, low-key, quiet luxury aesthetic.

Whether it's her no expenses spared French wedding or her wardrobe full of Chanel gowns, Richie-Grainge's style is at the top of our lust list, yet it can feel like some of the most inaccessible to recreate. 

However with every rule, there's always an exception; and this time that exception looks a lot like a tube of glossy, hydrating lip balm.


After previously admitting she's not much of a lipstick fan, Richie-Grainge has since shared that her lip combo sweet spot is in fact the mix of a liner and a gloss. 

Thanks to her TikTok account which is comprised of endless 'get ready with me'-style videos, we have it on good authority (AKA from the lady herself) that as far as lip liners go, she loves the MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in 'Oak' ($37 at MAC Cosmetics)

And her go-to gloss of the moment? The Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm ($38 at MECCA). "I am clinically obsessed with right now," she tells her 2.9 million TikTok followers. 


Each balm within the six-shade range has been enriched with shea butter and sodium hyaluronate to heal, condition and seal in moisture.

As for Richie-Grainge's pick? She's gone with 'Pink Sugar'.

For those who haven't tried this balm and are a little unsure exactly what pink sugar tastes like, Richie-Grainge has one word for you: "heaven". And you don't get more of a rap than that, right?

So while we mightn't have the exact same handbags, hair and holidays as Mrs Richie-Grainge herself, we can find solace in knowing that we do however, have the same lip balm.

A win's a win.

Main image credit: @sofiarichiegrainge

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