Sofia Richie Grainge's top beauty tip for upcoming brides

It won't cost you a cent

Beauty Editor / July 17 2023

Sofia Richie Grainge and her recent viral wedding need no introduction. In fact, meet us back here in five years time and we'll still be lusting over every detail of Richie Grainge's understated wedding makeup.

So while we've already memorised her complete product breakdown (which by the way, includes a cult-favourite drugstore mascara), and even stocked up on the lip balm she used in the lead-up, it seems Richie Grainge's dutiful service to upcoming brides is still raging on.

This time around? We're getting her number one beauty tip for anyone getting married. 

Spoiler alert: it's not something you can just 'add to cart'...


What is Sofia Richie Grainge's biggest beauty tip for brides?

Forget worrying about brewing breakouts or even a streaky self-tan. According to Richie Grainge, a bride-to-be needs to focus on getting a solid eight hours.

"My biggest wedding day beauty tip is to get good sleep the night before. If there’s one thing you can’t hide on your face, it’s being tired," she told Allure. 


Sounds simple enough, right? Well, when you think about embarking on arguably the biggest day of your life in front of all your closest friends and family, paired with the added pressure of moonlighting as an event planner, and all the while trying to look the best you've ever looked — yeah there's reason for a disrupted sleep. 

In saying that, it's not an impossible task and believe it or not, it's been done. 

Our advice? Don't leave yourself anything to stress about at the last minute. We recommend following a pre-wedding beauty timeline, keeping those night-before champagnes to a minimum and obviously, enjoying yourself as much as possible.

Oh, and as an added bonus, enlist the sleep-inducing benefits of a supplement like the Swisse Ultiboost Magnesium ($35.99 at Chemist Warehouse). 

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