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Can confirm: Still stunning

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / March 14 2019

From her Bardot days in the early 2000s, to her gig as The Bachelorette, and her more recent stint as presenter on reality show Love Island Australia, there’s no denying Sophie Monk has a signature beauty look - her smouldering eyes, long blonde locks and enviable plump lips are always on point.

But we must admit, we get extra excited when the makeup comes off and she posts a barefaced selfie of herself on Instagram.

So we decided to trawl through the web and pull together all of the pictures of Sophie Monk without makeup.

#1 / When she posted a makeup-free airplane selfie

We’re all about ditching makeup when flying, *especially* when you’re hungover – because ain’t nobody got time for that. And it looks like 2013 Sophie totally agrees! "Who needs make up? I mean? U wouldn't know I'm hung over on an early flight at all," Sophie wrote.

#2 / When she posed cross-eyed in the car

In 2014, she poked fun at other celebs who were posting makeup-free selfies to Instagram, writing "You know when people post those #NoMakeupSelfie’s? Totally translates to = I think I look SO hot in this photo I don't even NEED make-up!!!” The public’s response? The Internet LOVED it! One follower wrote: "…it's really refreshing to see a well known person just be themselves and not give a shit about how they act or look!"

#3 / When she showed off her clear complexion in Germany

While travelling in Germany, Sophie shared an honest Instagram post of why she chose to embrace her natural beauty. "Posting a no make up pic bcs my face was burned bad and peeling from wearing random make up for 900 yrs in a row and travelling," she wrote. While she might have thought her skin looked bad, her fans thought otherwise, writing, “Gorgeous as always” and “You are beautiful”.

#4 / When she posed in a grey dress in her hotel bathroom

While in Greece, the Aussie star posted this bathroom selfie, looking dressed up and ready to hit the town without a scrap of makeup on her face. Absolute GOALS.

#5 / When she shared a fresh-faced snap from the Jacuzzi

Sophie looks absolutely luminous and glowing in this gorgeous spa selfie, showing off her giant blue eyes and plump pout. With her blonde tresses covering half her face, the star looked relaxed and natural. “Amazing without make up!”, wrote one follower.

#6 / When she sipped a smoothie in Mykonos, Greece sans makeup

While travelling in Greece, Sophie snapped her clear, glowing skin and no makeup look. We’ll have what she’s having, thanks.

#7 / When she posed outside in the morning

Sophie nailed the ‘I woke up like this’ brief in this post from 2015. Sitting on a chair outside her house, the star showed off her beautiful complexion and long lashes.

#8 / When she snapped a quick selfie at the doctors

Showing off her natural-looking complexion, the lovable star not only gave us inspiration to strip back our makeup look, but also a gentle reminder of how important it is that ovarian cancer is detected early. She wrote: "Doctors selfie! Ovaries are sexy. Check yours out! mine are sweet luckily.”

#9 / When she pulled a goofy face at the swimming pool

And this is why we love her! If you look past the fingers in her nose, you’ll be mesmerised by that flawless, makeup-free complexion. She simply captioned the shot, “Happy Wednesday #nofilter”.

#10 / When she snapped a post-hair salon selfie

While there’s no doubt there’s a bit of filter action going on here, Sophie showed off a noticeably pared-back makeup look. One follower wrote, “Look at that fresh face!!”

#11 / When she lay outside listening to music in the sun

Back in 2016, the star posted this beautiful selfie, looking absolutely stunning with her uber-clear porcelain skin and naturally-polished brows – all without an ounce of makeup.

#12 / When she posed cross-legged on the beach

In a post from 2017, Sophie sat cross-legged in her bikini with a completely makeup-free face and her skin looking next-level clear and even. One fan wrote, “So beautiful”, while another commented, “You beautiful dag”.

#13 / When she showed off her sunburnt face in Canada

Sophie reminded us that sunscreen is ALWAYS a must – even when it’s snowing outside. Snapped sans makeup in the spa at a Canadian ski resort, the Aussie beauty looked a little worse for wear thanks to the outline of her ski goggles standing out against her sunburnt face. Her Instagram followers were quick to chastise her for not wearing sunscreen, “You will need to cake your face in zinc," wrote one follower.

#14 / When she posed in her hotel room in Italy

Sophie Monk was seriously all of us when she posted this hilarious picture while holidaying in Italy. She not only showed off her makeup-free face, but also her hilarious fake tan fail.

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What is your favourite no makeup look from Sophie Monk? Let us know in the comment section below.

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