Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill just showed off her acne

Taylor Hill acne struggles

The response was EPIC

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / November 19 2018

We didn’t think it was possible, but we somehow love Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill *even* more after she proved to the world that no one is exempt from acne, not even models.

She recently posted a string of makeup-free snaps on her Instagram account, showing off a cluster of pimples in between her (goal-worthy) brows. And she looked absolutely stunning while doing so. She simply captioned her first post, “Buenos Dias” (that’s ‘good morning’ for those who don’t speak Spanish).

Ugh, we love when celebs are real with us!

She then posted another makeup-free selfie of herself drenched in golden sunlight (those icy blue eyes!), again not mentioning her pimples. Instead she talked about her lion-esque hair, “I’m a Pisces but my hair thinks it’s Leo forever a mind of it’s own.”

Taylor’s snaps received thousands upon thousands of positive comments, showing just how appreciative people are that she’s shared an untouched photo where her skin wasn’t perfect. Her followers praised her for the refreshingly realistic posts, with many sharing their own struggles with acne. “Seeing this makes me confident about me having breakouts and acne thank u for this Taylor.”

Another fan wrote, “You just became so relatable in one photo!”, while someone else said, “She leaves her acne omfg I love her.”

We’re so used to seeing the Victoria’s Secret Angel in flawless, full-blown glam makeup that it becomes easy to forget that she, like so many of us, is not immune to pimples. 

In her most recent post, Taylor snapped a shot of her and her pup, showing off her barefaced skin and a few breakouts on her cheek. She captioned the pic “Puppy love”.

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Do you struggle with acne? What is one of your go-to treatments? Let us know in the comment section below.

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