Taylor Hill swears her workout routine transformed her mental health

But the journey wasn't easy...

Content Producer / July 08 2024

Full disclosure: we've been obsessed with all things to do with the Victoria's Secret Runway show for decades now. When angels earnt their wings, we felt like proud little sisters sitting in our living rooms, literally worlds away from the glitz and the glam. 

So, we'd do just about anything to bring ourselves closer to the models we've placed on a pedestal since childhood. Enter: waaay too much Victoria's Secret body spray and learning all their workout routines. Yep, we said we'd do whatever it took! And the latest model to spilt her secrets is none other than one of our absolute faves, Taylor Hill. But we can assure you her fitness journey was no easy feat...

Taylor Hill's Fitness Journey

Okay obviously during her time as an angel, we're guessing that Hill's workout routines would have been strict and steady, but since her move away from the runway her workouts have wavered. After tragically losing her pup Tate (and subsequently starting a pet-centric business from her grief), Hill decided running was going to be her way through the pain and an opportunity to test herself mentally. If you're wondering how picking up running went for the model, Hill claims "running is one of the hardest things [she's] done mentally". We feel you girl. But for her it was a matter of "strengthening [her] mind" to overcome it all. 

And while running is something Hill has grown to love over the years, she's also a die-hard Reformer Pilates girl (just like Lori Harvey), explaining that "any sort of physical movement [helps to] release endorphins and is a positive brain boost that automatically makes you feel better". We're going to have to keep Hill's words ringing in our ears as we try not snooze our 'run time' alarms on a Monday morning.

Taylor Hill Wellness

As for her self-care rituals, Hill has two go-tos, and in our opinion they couldn't be more different. The first is going for a run with her new pup Salem (a bundle of German Shepard energy). And the second is taking time out go have a relaxing spa day, although with all her travel she doesn't always get time. But when she does she finds it a "fun way to unwind and slow down to be with [her]self for a minute". 

Taylor Hill Victoria's Secret Lessons

You know what our fave thing to learn about is? Behind the scenes beauty secrets that come out of elite runways (basically, the Victoria's Secret show). Luckily, Hill learnt a lot through her time as an 'angel', but the main secret she was willing to share was the skin-bettering use of body makeup. 

With beauty queen Charlotte Tilbury behind the scenes doing the models' makeup, it was bound to be a beautiful time. Hill shared that the models were 'testers' for a lot of the now-loved Charlotte Tilbury products. The standout (and one she still uses)? The fittingly titled Supermodel Body Highlighter ($65 at Charlotte Tilbury). Um, we'll be picking up several bottles.

Main Image Credit: @taylor_hill

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