Ashley Park's complete guide to how she exercises and what she eats

Including her FoodTok obsession

Beauty Editor / August 11 2023

It seems like only yesterday we considered Ashley Park an up-and-comer in Hollywood. And now? She has officially arrived. No longer known as the on-screen and IRL BFF of Emily Cooper/Lily Collins, Park is standing under the spotlight all by herself. And though there's no question that Park has talent oozing out of her eyeballs, her success can also be attributed to her impressive drive.

Now cancer-free, the Emily in Paris star bounced back from her acute myeloid leukemia diagnosis (at the age of 15) with unwavering grit. So as her career continues to climb to new heights, one corner of Park's life that will never take a backseat is her health.

Nope, not even a jam-packed Only Murders In The Building filming schedule or a Beyoncé concert-related injury will slow her down. 


Ashley Park's exercise routine

Don't get it twisted. Even though Park looks amazing, she's not in it for a hot bod. "Working out is not about losing weight, it's not about burning calories," she told Women's Health.

"It changes the trajectory of my mental state because I've taken care of myself in some way," she said.

In terms of the type of exercise she does, Park loves a mix of Pilates and sessions with her personal trainer: "when someone is one-on-one with me, it's such good accountability."


Ashley Park's diet/meals

Much like every part of her life, every day looks a little different. However two high-protein options Park always comes back to are a "big salad with steak and cheese" and (thanks to the influence of FoodTok) cottage cheese is now a regular on her grocery list: "I put it in eggs and eat it plain."

And while she admits to hating the flavour in the past, on occasion she'll incorporate the traditional Korean herb mix, hanyak: "I take it for digestion and sleeping." 


Main image credit: @ashleyparklady

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