Steph Claire Smith has delivered yet another pearl of fitness wisdom

Steph Claire Smith’s Fitness Advice

No pain, no gain? Not here

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / January 23 2024

When it comes to health and wellness advice and inspiration, Aussie model and Keep It Cleaner co-founder Steph Claire Smith is always coming up with the goods. 

From tips on how to tone your butt, to navigating healthy eating while travelling, and reframing your mindset when it comes to exercise, you can always count on Steph to dish out sage, relatable advice.

Her latest instalment might just be our favourite yet (what can we say, it appeals to our inner lazy girl):

“Every day doesn’t have to be strenuous. Listen to your body and move it however you want. Or don’t move at all! When you need it, rest is incredibly important too,” Steph said on her Instagram stories.

And there’s merit to what she’s saying – it’s not just a good excuse for skipping the gym.

Though you often hear the saying ‘no pain, no gain’ when it comes to getting fitness results, the power of a rest day should not be underestimated. Allowing the body to rest  actually gives your muscles time to repair themselves and can help prevent injury and be better for your body in the long-run. Not to mention, it gives your mind a break, leaving you feeling energised and excited when you get back into it.

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What do you think of Steph Claire Smith’s advice? Is rest something you make room for in your own fitness regimen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Main image credit: @stephclairesmith

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