Steph Claire Smith shared *this* powerful body positivity before and after photo

Steph Claire Smith Says Her Tummy Smiles When She Sits Too

“My tummy smiles when I sit too”

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 05 2019

Steph Claire Smith has to be one of our fave Australian models and influencers. Besides being a wealth of information for everything health and fitness, she also dishes out some seriously epic life advice.

And today she’s delivered an absolute pearler of an Instagram post, reminding us not to take everything you see online at face value.

Steph has shared side-by-side snaps of herself in a crop top and tights and we had to do a double take as were that amazed by how different Steph’s body looks in each pic.

Check it out:

Wow, right?!

“Same girl, same day, this is me v me. Happy in both, healthy in both. Angles, posture, lighting... there’s so much that goes into what you see online. And I know I do it, of course we’re all always going to pick our favourite photo of ourself, or stand how we like and how we’ve told ourself is flattering... but I just wanted to pop a little reminder here to everyone that my tummy smiles when I sit too,” Steph captioned the image. 

The unrealistic expectations set by influencers on Instagram has been a hot topic over the last few years. And although we all know that a lot of what we see online is edited, filtered and poised to perfection, it can be hard to keep these in mind when you’re caught in a mindless Instagram scroll and gaping at all the seemingly perfect bods of models and influencers on display.

Thanks for the reminder Steph, we love your realness!

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What do you think of Steph Claire Smith’s body image message? Let us know in the comments.

Main image credit: @stephclairesmith

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