Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw reveal the best ways to tone your bum

Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw

Plus, the Keep It Cleaner founders share their favourite at-home workout

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / February 06 2019

If you are what you eat, consider Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw clean, lean and healthy. The two best friends (and successful models in their own rights) are the fitspo duo behind Keep It Cleaner (KIC), an online lifestyle program featuring HIIT, boxing, running and strength training routines, healthy meal plans, regular meditation sessions and life hacks. Over the past several years, the pair has amassed a collective following of over 1.6 million Instagram followers from their personal and KIC Instagram accounts. So, it’s fair to say they’ve established a clean living empire that we predict is only going to go from strength to strength.

We scored an exclusive interview with the girls and asked Steph and Laura to dish out their top training tips, advice on how to know when to give your body a break and their favourite ways to tone their bums.  

On their favourite pre- and post-workout meals and snacks…
“We both prefer smashing out our workouts in the morning before brekkie, but if we train later in the day, one of our bliss balls that are available at Coles are the perfect pre-workout snack because they're filling without being heavy. Post-workout in the morning, we love a breakfast salad with poached eggs or a big protein smoothie, there's a huge range of recipes in our Keep It Cleaner planner!” 

On how they stay motivated to exercise in winter…
“We exercise because of the way it makes us feel, so we want to feel that way all year round. Sure, we might not be able to get out and about outdoors as much as we do in summer, but the sweat does not stop! And our Facebook community of KIC girls keeps us motivated, too.”

On the exercises they’d recommend to someone who hates traditional cardio…
“Skipping! It’s incredible cardio and it can be so much fun. Practice makes perfect though, don't expect to be a pro straight-up. Boxing is incredible, too. Sometimes there’s nothing better than pretending to punch something and really sweat it out when you’ve had a bit of a down day.” 

On how they know when to push themselves and when to give their bodies a break…
“When it comes to rest days (which we recommend having at least one a week), you can usually tell if you're choosing not to workout because you're being lazy or if it is because you're exhausted or sore and your body needs to recover. But until you do get to that point where you can fully understand your body, try have one to two rest days a week.” 

On their favourite at-home workout…
“Whatever the KIC workout is that day! They're all so handy to follow from home, we both have basic equipment at home so we can get it done, and if you don't have equipment there’s always ways of switching it up so you can still do the workout.”

On their favourite ways to tone their bums…
“Squats and lunges and power walking! Yep...walking can tone your bum! Next time you go for a walk squeeze those buns with each step!”  

On the snacks they reach for to tackle mid-morning and mid-afternoon hunger cravings…
“Our bliss balls are certainly the perfect snack for that! Or our Clean Choc Chip Cookies.” 

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