The solution for anyone who is terrible at applying nail polish

Spray-on Nail Polish: What, Where and How?

The quick way to paint your nails that doesn’t require a steady hand

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / October 14 2018

As simple as applying nail polish is (in theory), keeping your hand steady and painting in between the ‘lines’ is not so much. We’ve all been there, meticulously applying our nail polish only to have one out of the 10 let the whole team down. But spray on nail polish aims to fix that.

As the name suggests, it’s a nail polish you spray on, and its biggest drawcard is its ability to deliver a precise manicure no matter your skill level. Which seems hard to believe given the polish comes out of a spray nozzle and goes *everywhere*. But that’s just the first step - the end result is in fact, perfectly applied.

The original creators of spray on nail polish were Nails Inc. After them, a few followed suit, like Milk Makeup’s Spray Nail, but the options for nail polish in an easy spray can form are still relatively scarce.

Nails Inc Paint Can Spray Polish

So is it really as good as it sounds, or just a fun novelty?

The pros

Well, there’s the obvious. If you suck at painting your nails, you can finally DIY a salon-perfect manicure without booking an appointment. Plus, it’s perfect for upping your nail art game. Just find yourself a stencil and spray away. And hey, we won’t lie - it’s a much more fun way to paint your nails.

The cons

There’s a lot of product wastage. And some of the formulas are harder than others to wash off - some scrubbing may be required. Also, it doesn’t last as long as most nail polishes - especially when you’re used to the two-weeks-plus wear of gel manis. Finally, the spray on nail polish colours are limited.  

The verdict

So is it worth it? It’s one of those quirky beauty products you need to try for yourself before you can make that call. If you truly suck at applying traditional nail polish but love a fresh mani on the regular, this may just be what you’re looking for. If you’re loyal to gel nails, a spray on nail polish probably won’t live up to your long-lasting expectations.

How to apply spray on nail polish

#1 / Paint on a layer of base coat (any will do).

#2 / Place some cardboard or newspaper down and put your hand on top.

#3 / Shake up the paint can and spray all over the nails, approx 10-15cm away, in short, sharp bursts. Don’t worry about being neat or accurate.

#4 / Leave to dry. Follow with a top coat.

#5 / Rinse under warm water to wash away the excess polish on your hands and cuticles.

Where can I buy spray on nail polish?

Think this sounds like your jam? Nails Inc Paint Can Spray Polish is the only one available here in Australia, but you can pick it up in four shades from stores like Adore Beauty and Four doesn’t sound like much, but they do have the classics covered: red, pale pink, taupe and nude. The cost for each can is $33.

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Have you tried spray on nail polish? What did you think?

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