The 2 issues standing between you and your best brows

Tips for best brows

And what you need to do to fix them

marie claire marie claire Beauty Director / August 01 2018

Arches not looking selfie-worthy? There are two brow issues that could be holding your best brows back. Here’s where you could be going wrong, plus how to get your #browgoals on track.



The issue: “Women often take the brows too far apart,” says Hannah Mutze, Benefit Cosmetic’s National Brow Artist. “If your brows are too spaced, your eyes end up looking smaller, your nose looks wider and it throws off the overall balance of your face.”

Brow fix: Step away from the tweezers. “The only thing you can do is wait and grow them back in,” says Mutze, who suggests using the outside of your nostril as an indicator of where brows should start. “Anything between those two points, don’t touch,” she says.



The issue: “Placing your arch in the wrong spot is another brow mistake,” says Mutze. “If your arch is too far in, your face looks rounder and your eyes look rounder, which can [emphasise] dark under-eye circles.”

Brow fix: Have your brows professionally brow mapped. “[Brow mapping] finds out where the start, arch and end of your brow should sit,” explains Mutze. “It can be adapted to each individual face shape.” Good to know: Benefit has a free brow-mapping service at all its brow counters.

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