The simple styling tricks every curly-haired woman needs to know

This is the secret to finally mastering perfectly textured waves

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 17 2018

It’s true, curly hair is never short on texture, bounce and a whole lot of volume. But it’s these very traits that often get in the way of nailing beautiful ‘undone’ textured waves. Chances are if you have curly hair, you’ve long given up on trying to get this look. 

We have some good news though: it CAN be done. And it’s not as hard as you originally might have thought to master this hairstyle.

Head of Hair Direction for De Lorenzo, Alan White revealed to us backstage at the MBFWA Lee Mathews Resort 18/19 show the simple styling tricks that will help curly-haired women perfect that coveted naturally-textured hair look.

“It’s all about reducing curly hair’s natural volume. To do so, blow-dry your hair with a brush that works to create more shine, rather than texture – a bristle brush with nylon is a good place to start. Using such a brush will soften and smooth the natural surface texture of the hair. Also, when blow-drying, make sure you avoid creating volume at the roots as that will amplify your natural hair, when what you actually want to do is soften the movement,” explains White.  

He also stresses it’s important to use lightweight products when creating soft natural texture because “when you apply product, it is often absorbed into the hair shaft, which makes hair swell and become bigger. As curly hair is both voluminous and porous, you want to make sure the products you’re using aren’t adding further volume”. 

Some great lightweight styling product options include De Lorenzo Instant Restructurant, Redken Curvaceous Curl Refiner Moisturising And Curl-Defining Primer and Ouai Hair Oil.


De Lorenzo Instant Restructurant

De Lorenzo Instant Restructurant, Redken Curvaceous Curl Refiner Moisturising And Curl-Defining Primer

Ouai Hair Oil

To add in textured waves, Richard Kavanagh, Redken Hair Director for the We Are Kindred Resort 18/19 show explains, “[after blow-drying] you can then add bends and soft waves into the hair using a tong, before working with texturising sprays [to] bring back a little bit of lived-in texture.” 

Want more advice on how to manage your curly hair? These are the top four styling tips you need to know, plus find out how sea salt spray can transform your curls. 

What are your top tips for calming your curly hair? Share them with us in the comments below.

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