If you’re bored with your hair colour, here are 11 reasons to go rose gold

Rose Gold Hair Gallery - Emily Ratajkowski

These celebrity looks will have you convinced

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / June 18 2024

Rose gold hair has officially gone from trending to always a good idea. We’ve been seeing it on red carpets, at festivals, IRL… it’s pretty, striking and it suits everyone. That’s right - it’s not just light hair colours like blondes that can get in on the look. 

Playing between pink and orange on the colour spectrum, rose gold is a diverse and versatile hair colour. Due to its red undertones, rose gold is flattering on both cool and warm skin tones.

Yes, it’s more showy than something safe and natural-looking like blonde or brunette, but it’s also surprisingly more wearable than say, a bold blue or rainbow hair - and less maintenance.

The rose gold hair products you need to add to your kit

Just like with any coloured hair, you need to use haircare products formulated for colour-treated hair on your rose gold tresses. A shampoo, conditioner and toner will help keep the colour vibrant, while a hair mask will help repair any damage from bleaching and dying your strands. There are a couple of rose gold-specific formulas floating around, although for the most part you can just use the same product you would use on blonde colour-treated hair.

Three to try: MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo; Fanola No Yellow Color Toner Rose Gold; Redken Color Extend Magnetics Megamask


MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo

Fanola No Yellow Color Toner Rose Gold

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Megamask

How to get rose gold hair

Lightening your hair first will guarantee a more pigmented rose gold colour payoff, especially for brunettes and those with black hair. We recommend heading into the salon for this bleaching process. If you feel like trying out a rose gold hue before committing completely, there are plenty of temporary rose gold hair colours out there. Try these wash-out and semi-permanent hair colours: L'Oréal Paris Colorista Spray 1 Day Color - Rose Gold ; Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint; Schwarzkopf Live Colour Metallic Rose Gold.

'Oréal Paris Colorista Spray 1 Day Color - Rose Gold

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint

Schwarzkopf Live Colour Metallic Rose Gold

Ok, now that you know what’s involved (read: it’s not dissimilar to any other time you colour your hair), here comes the fun bit: choosing your take on rose gold hair. Will you go for subtle highlights or an all-over shade? A more pastel hue or a bold punchy colour? If you’re still deciding, let these celebrity rose gold hair looks inspire you.

Khloe Kardashian

Update your platinum blonde hair with a soft rose gold wash of colour. It’s subtle but in the right lighting, it really shines.

Emma Roberts

For strawberry blonde vibes with an edge, we love how this rose gold shade pops against Emma Roberts’ fair skin.

Emily Ratajkowski

Get those long hair mermaid feels à la Em Rata by first bleaching your hair so your rose gold hair dye really pops.

Lucy Hale

Lucy makes a convincing case for rose brown hair.  Using a dark rose gold hue as highlights, we’re getting major Cherry Ripe vibes from this striking short hair look and we are here for it.

Elsa Hosk

For a tousled, beach-meets-boho vibe, be inspired by Elsa’s gritty, dusty rose gold hairstyle.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi’s reverse ombré rose gold colour is badass. If you want to really make a statement, this is how it’s done.

Hailey Baldwin

Rose gold hair and the red carpet is a big YES from us. We love Hailey’s dip-dye rose gold ends in this messy topknot. Very cool and carefree.

Kylie Jenner

If you think a shade of pink will look sweet, Kylie is here to show you how wrong you are. Note to self: A nude lip and bold brows smoulder alongside a rose gold hair colour. 

Kennedy McMann

For a softer, real-life take on the rose gold trend, take your cues from Nancy Drew TV star Kennedy. It’s red hair with a luminous metallic sheen.

Elle Fanning

You’d be forgiven for thinking a rosie shade will bring out the red undertones in porcelain skin tones, but Elle’s rose blonde hair is all the proof we need that the pair are actually a match made in heaven.

Ashley Tisdale

A candy shade with an asymmetric lob is the perfect amalgamation of two top trends right now.


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Are you thinking about dying your hair rose gold? Which celebrity rose gold hairstyle do you like the best?

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