4 steps to achieving salon-worthy hair colour at home

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Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / April 24 2024

Having your hair coloured by a professional is a treat. However, the reality for many of us is that we lack the time or the money (often both) needed for regular salon visits. But just because you can’t see your hairdresser as often as you’d like, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve salon-worthy colour at home. After all, home colouring kits aren’t what they used to be; take Solfine for example – their hair colours can deliver multi-toned, glossy locks in under an hour. Made in Italy, Solfine combines gentle and natural ingredients with the latest technology to develop colour formulas for those seeking 100 per cent grey coverage, a quick and easy application, even results, maximum shine and colour that lasts.

What sets Solfine’s Crema Colour range apart from the rest is its innovative formula. The colours contain coconut oil to hydrate, nourish and protect strands, and they’re low alkaline (due to their very low percentage of ammonia), which helps maintain the integrity of the hair cuticle for a longer-lasting colour. The nourishing formula also enables colour pigments to penetrate deeper and more uniformly into the hair strand, delivering an even colour that provides 100 per cent grey coverage.

While the formula has all the makings for a salon-level colour from the comfort of your home, you also need to know how to choose the right shade and apply it to get the best results. Here are the four easy steps to follow to achieve your Solfine Crema Colour:


Identify your existing natural colour

When choosing which shade you wish to colour your hair, you first need to match your existing hair colour to one of the nine base options from Solfine’s in-store swatches. If you can’t find your exact colour match, choose the colour that most closely resembles your current hue. Once you’ve selected your shade, take note of the corresponding letter (A-I) above the guide for step two.


Choose your desired shade

While you’re free to colour your hair any shade you see fit, the reality is it can be difficult to drastically change your hair colour in one sitting. For example, it’s challenging for dark brown hair to become platinum blonde in a single go as colours aren’t able to lift that much pigment after just one application (it’s also not good for your hair’s health). That’s why Solfine recommends referring to their table of colour options to know your limitations. To choose a suitable hue to colour your hair, simply select a shade (there are 38 to choose from) that has your corresponding letter from step one. If your letter isn’t above a particular colour, then that shade isn’t recommended.

Solfine Cream Colour


Select the correct developer

The developer you choose (there are three available) is dependent on how dark or light you want your final colour to be. The 10vol developer is recommended for those looking to go darker, as the smaller concentration of peroxide will enable the darker hue to last longer. The 20vol is ideal for brunettes wanting to lift their colour between one to two levels, and the 30vol developer is best suited to blondes who want their final colour to be somewhere between two and three shades lighter than their existing colour.



Mix and apply the colour

Once you’ve chosen your colour and developer, mix the two together until the consistency is smooth and creamy. If you have a regrowth line from previous hair colour, apply the mixture to the regrowth area for 25 minutes and then apply to the ends for the last 15 to 20 minutes. If your hair has not been previously coloured apply the mixture one centimetre from the scalp and blend it down throughout the lengths and ends. Leave for 10 minutes then apply to the scalp area, processing for 35 minutes. Wash out with a shampoo and conditioner formulated for colour-treated hair.  

TOP TIP: If all you need is to touch up your regrowth, simply mix the required amount of colour and developer together and apply over the area of regrowth.

Have you tried Solfine’s Crema Colour before? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.

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