3 things to know before going platinum blonde

How to decide if ice-cold locks are for you

Who Contributor / August 05 2016

Platinum blonde is certainly the hair colour du jour right now in celebrity circles, with Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad and most recently Ashley Olsen all taking the plunge. While this shade of blonde offers maximum impact, it’s a high maintenance hair colour that needs additional TLC if you want it to look silky rather than frizzy and dull. Here are a few things to consider before you go bleach blonde.


Not all hair can handle it

“Ask your colourist if platinum is achievable for you,” says Diane Gorgievski, of Sydney’s Koda Cutters. “Consider you hair’s condition, texture and length.”


It needs A LOT of maintenance

“It’s a commitment,” explains Gorgievski. “Maintenance includes a toner every few weeks and a treatment each time you shampoo.” Shari Reynolds, of Barney Martin’s Sydney salon adds that “platinum requires a bleaching service every four to six weeks.” Try Muk Haircare Blonde Muk 1 Minute Blonde Toning Treatment for at-home toner treatments.


You’ll need blonde-specific haircare products

Eradicate warm tones by using a purple-coloured shampoo, like FUDGE Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo. “A soft violet conditioner can be used if your hair tends towards a warmer, yellow colour,” says Reynolds.

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