7 seasonal haircut & colour trends to try as we transition into summer

Warm, bright & light

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / October 04 2023

The weather’s warming up, the sun is shining and daylight savings has officially started, so naturally, it’s time to start thinking about scheduling a summertime appointment with your hairdresser. 

Maybe you’re in the mood for a seasonally-appropriate transformation or you’re questioning your loyalty to long hair? Regardless of your intentions, summer is the perfect time to try something new.

Recently, BEAUTYcrew spoke to Jaye Edwards (founder of EdwardsAndCo) about the trending ‘Butterfly Bob’, but according to Edwards, there are even more haircut and colour trends that have the potential to be just as popular this summer.

Much like the weather, hair colours are set to be warmer and brighter, while the haircuts are getting lighter. And of course, it’s the perfect time to experiment with runway trending hair accessories too (read: Sandy Liang-inspired hair ribbons and ‘90s comb headbands).

Ahead, you’ll find Edwards’ hair trend predictions for the remainder of 2023 and the impending new year. 

The Scandi Hairline

The Scandi hairline trend imitates the effect of natural sunlight, creating a halo effect around the face. 

“[It] brightens your whole look,” says Edwards, who compares it to sunkissed skin (“but for your hair"). 

The brightening effect is achieved by “highlighting the edge of your hairline and baby hairs a few shades notably lighter than your natural colour,” Edwards explains. 

According to the hair colourist, the technique can be executed quickly and doesn’t require much product: “Less is more when it comes to the Scandi hairline, a little highlight goes a long way.” 

In other words, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to update your hair colour for the summer, this is a great option. 

The Butterfly Cut

Considering the #butterflyhaircut hashtag has already accumulated 1.1 billion views on TikTok, we’re not surprised to see it on this list. 

According to Edwards, the haircut’s pervasive popularity is a direct result of its versatility. 

“The butterfly cut works with all hair types,” he explains, saying the combination of short and long layers, which create the cut’s defining ‘butterfly wing’ effect, add a face-flattering shape to the hair. 

“It’s also a great way to create the illusion of fuller hair without sacrificing too much length,” says Edwards.  

The California Brunette Hairline

“The Californian hairline is a less intense variation of the Scandi,” explains Edwards. It's a tint to soften the hairline for the brunette girlies, without causing any damage or breakage. Plus, it can be tailored to suit any shade of brunette.” 

The Box Bob

The butterfly bob isn’t the only shorter haircut that’s currently trending; according to the EdwardsAndCo founder, the box bob (a lighter version of the blunt bob) should also be on your radar this season.  

“It is soft and full, framing the face without the harsh lines of your traditional blunt bob,” gushes Edwards.  

Sparkly Copper

If you dyed your hair copper in the cooler months of the year, blonde highlights are a great way to update the look for summer without compromising your copper colour, says Edwards. 

The hair colourist advises clients to lighten hair with tactically-placed, lifting blonde highlights around the entire head to add a “sparkle” to the copper colour. 

“The trick is to drop your highlights off the root for a natural look and a softer grow-out,” Edwards explains.

Jane Birkin Bangs

If you’re keen to try something slightly more drastic… “this is your sign to get Jane Birkin bangs for summer,” says Edwards. “Effortlessly choppy, Jane Birkin bangs can be styled with or without a part in the middle. Plus, they're light and wispy.” 

In other words, it’s the perfect haircut to try as we transition into the warmer months, as it’s much easier to deal with in the heat compared to thicker fringe styles.

Chunky Highlights

“The ‘90s chunky highlights are back and better than ever,” explains Edwards, who describes the trend as a blend of high contrast brunette and warm blonde ribbons in the hair.

“[They add] depth and dimension to your natural hair colour, bringing out texture and warming up your look for the hotter weather,” says Edwards.

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