I tried the new Summer Fridays Sheer Skin Tint and BRB because I'm getting rid of my foundation for good

Sh*t, that is freeesh

Beauty Editor / February 17 2023

Summer Fridays is a brand who knows exactly who they are. With now five years on the market, the founders Lauren Ireland and Marianna Hewitt have seamlessly managed the tricky transition from a single-product start-up to an internationally-adored beauty range.

The ever-growing line which includes hydrating skin care and more recently, makeup has never wavered on their soft, glow-y and fresh-skinned aesthetic. It’s this consistency (which we discussed during Digital Issue interview with the founders) that has seen them continue to grow such a loyal fan base. 

And now, to join the dreamy line-up of soft butters, balms and masks, the girls have bottled up the 'clean girl aesthetic' that’s taken over TikTok with their just-launched Sheer Skin Tint ($70, MECCA).  

Until recently, Summer Fridays has been a skin care line. Now, after launching a product that sits under the makeup category (though once you read its ingredients list, there’s an argument to keep it amongst the serums) we’re starting to get a sense of where the brand is headed.

And that is? A start-to-finish beauty routine which champions healthy, happy and natural-looking skin.

A look that’s near-impossible to achieve without the glycerin and niacinamide-infused tint which perfectly toes the line between softening imperfections without entirely blurring our skin’s natural texture into oblivion. 


My review of the Summer Fridays Sheer Skin Tint…

Much to my dismay, I don’t have blemish-free, poreless and even-toned skin. So, I’m not always going to favour a skin tint over a foundation. For me, it’s a case by case scenario.

Take the Chantecaille Future Skin ($148, MECCA) for example. I'd read all about it's lightweight, refreshing texture. I'd witnessed it win a bunch of beauty awards, but it did me and my pigmentation no favours. In fact, when I tried it in-store at MECCA, I looked in the mirror still waiting for it to be applied (even though I was apparently wearing a full face of it). 

So I understand that a sheer skincare and makeup hybrid can be ideal on paper but in reality only suitable for a select flawless few. 

What I am always in favour of however is breathable skin. Heavy makeup makes me itchy and claustrophobic, as do shellac nails. I’m acutely bothered by thick products. And that’s the first thing I am happy to divulge about the Sheer Skin Tint, it’s not going to suffocate you, no matter how much you apply.

If you’re naturally heavy-handed or prefer something that’s mistake-proof, this buildable, runny liquid cannot be overdone. 

Although I opted for the lightest of the 10-shade range, this sheer pigment allowed my skin’s natural warmth and flush to remain visible, which saved me from looking pale or washed out. Though I obviously benefited from a light layer of bronzer to really warm up my complexion, I could’ve managed all the same without it. Essentially, my complexion wasn’t a blank canvas after applying this as my base, but I didn’t want it to be. 


I’ve got combination skin and if I had to pick a side, I’d say I’m more oily than dry. Though I love a dewy finish, I often am self-sufficient when it comes to creating shine and don’t require the added help from glow-enhancing makeup products to achieve it.

In saying that, I wore this sheer tint sans powder and didn’t once yearn for blotting papers or wish that I’d applied a mattifying primer. That’s not to say that if you’re strictly a matte, full-coverage foundation-lover that you’re going to enjoy this tint. You likely won’t. 

As far as the affordability of this product goes, it’s not necessarily a cost-effective option to a foundation. In fact, priced at $70 for a 30mL bottle, it’s on the more expensive end. In saying that, best-applied using your fingers, you’re safe from wastage as product becomes absorbed into your beauty blender. And as far as my experience has gone, one application in the morning has comfortably kept me looking polished right up until my day eventually concludes at least 12 hours later. 

As with all Summer Fridays products, they are uncomplicated and deliver on their claims. Are they going to cover up every single imperfection and leave you looking like a walking filter? No. But are they going to soften dark spots, even out your skin tone and leave your complexion lightly hydrated? Absolutely. 

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