5 superfoods to try

Make your meals work harder, quick smart

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / June 19 2016

Feeling sluggish and it’s not even noon? You’re not alone. According to Priceline Pharmacy’s Health Insights Report, an alarming 63 per cent of Australian women are experiencing poor nutrition, perhaps due to being time poor or falling into bad habits.

It may seem like a big adjustment to completely change what you’re eating, but here’s a solution: create a super diet by simply introducing these into your routine to make your meals work harder. Here are five essential ingredients to try right now…



They’re tiny in size, but they’re packed with antioxidants (known as anthocyanins), essential for fighting free-radicals. They make a great snack through the day, plus they freeze well – perfect to adding to smoothies all year round.



“It’s one of the few plant foods that contain all the essential amino acids, so it’s a good source of protein”, says Melanie McGrice, Priceline Pharmacy Nutritionist. We love it in salads or soups.



Not only is it low in kilojoules, it’s also high in insoluble fibre, and is a great source of micronutrients including iron, calcium and folate. Work this into your salads and stir-fries for a supercharged nutrient kick.



“The active ingredient found in turmeric has been a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and is better absorbed when combined with black pepper”, continues McGrice. Try a sprinkle of this spice to roast veggies.



Surprisingly, this rich ingredient has high levels in flavonoids (which is beneficial to your immune system), and are believed to benefit our cardiovascular health. We won’t say no to a cheeky hot chocolate (using cacao powder and milk) for a pre-bedtime snack.

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