Sally Fitzgibbons reveals her fitness routine

Sally Fitzgibbons

It’s not for the faint-hearted

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / August 07 2017

For someone who is ranked second in the world for women’s surfing and has been professionally riding waves and competing for 12 years, we can trust that Sally Fitzgibbons knows a thing or two about health and fitness. As for her latest venture? It’s a new app called ‘All Australian Beach Body Fitness’, which is a 12-week program that combines functional training, speed training and weights. Plus, she’ll be hosting a live workout in the coming week that’s full of strength and cardio moves. During an exclusive interview with Sally we gained an insight into her fitness routine and lifestyle habits.

On how often she surfs....

“Every single day is different! It depends on the conditions. When the surf is pumping, I’m chasing swells up and down the coast and surfing two to three times per day, but if the surf is smaller I’ll surf once or twice a day and slot in a bit more land training.”

On the rest of her workout routine…

“My land training has three elements – cardio, strength and mobility/stretching. Life moves at a pretty fast pace with tour life and having to prepare for events. On a day where there’s no travel, I’ll be up before the sun for a cardio session – usually a run.

After my morning surf, I’ll come back and reset and then spend time at the gym doing a Fitz Power workout. In between surfs and training, I have time in the office or dialling in to my team if I’m away. Then there will be another afternoon session in the water. If I’m travelling and don’t have access to gym equipment, I’ll do a bodyweight session and my Fitz program has all my favourite sessions in it.

In the evening, I love doing a wind-down session with mobility and injury prevention work, some core work and maybe some yoga. I always have my bands with me so I can work out in hotel rooms.”

On healthy eating…

“I think providing your body with great fuel is one of the best things you can do for your health. For me, I don’t have too many rules but focus on eating in a way that allows me to go out and achieve everything I want to each day.

My diet is pretty clean and I like to keep things simple and focus on eating lots of different colours of fruit and veg. With all the travel I do, I go to the markets and get organic produce: quality fruit, loads of vegetables and some good protein. I get my protein from a variety of sources - chicken, fish, red meat, turkey, eggs.”

On keeping up with a busy schedule…

“Staying in touch with nature keeps me grounded and sane! Whether it’s getting out in the waves, or watching the sunset on the balcony at the end of the day, there are moments throughout the day where I can connect with nature and it helps to bring it back to the moment.”

On her favourite ways to relax…

“The ocean really calms me. Every day in the ocean, I’m presented with a whole new set of challenges as a professional surfer trying to better my performance. But that aside, it’s pure enjoyment. Every time you jump into the ocean, you never regret it. I feel a spiritual connection with the water, I really respect the ocean and taking that time to tune in with the waves, the weather and the environment really brings me into the moment. After a training session, I love just floating in the water to relax.”

On her other healthy lifestyle habits…

“It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the advice and information that’s out there, but I like to focus on the small things everyday that make a difference to your health and wellbeing.

Rather than feeling pressured to make drastic changes to your lifestyle that aren’t practical or enjoyable, think ‘What’s one small thing I can do for my body today’. It might be five minutes of meditation, a 20-minute run around the block, loading up with an awesome salad for lunch or a gym session after work.

Think about every time you do one of those things, you’re paying one dollar towards your nutrition, your fitness, your wellbeing… it’s like a savings account for your health. It’s a really positive feeling knowing you’re giving back to your body.”


PSA: Sally will be hosting a workout for 800 people on Saturday August 12, 2017 at the CITYFIT Expo, International Convention Centre in Sydney. Book tickets by clicking here.

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