9 surprising beauty hacks using Vaseline

Why the $2.60 product is a must in your beauty cabinet

Contributor / August 14 2017

Vaseline has established itself as a classic household product in homes for years. But while we’re regularly using a jar of VPJ to prevent chapped lips or ease a cut, it turns out the iconic product is extremely nifty in the beauty department as well. And not only is it incredibly useful, it’ll only setsyou back a mere $2.60. Talk about a bargain.

As a highlighter:
If you’re after a radiant glow, but want something more subtle than a shimmering highlighting product offering, dab a small amount on the tops of your cheekbones, cupid bows and brown bone for a natural glow.

Voluminous Lashes:
Want a day off from your mascara but still want to enhance your lashes? To add an extra oomph to your natural lashes smooth on some Vaseline to give the effect of longer-looking and thicker eyelashes.

Salon-looking nails:
If you’re at-home manicure ends up looking a little too DIY (guilty as charged!), dab some around your cuticles before you start with your polish. Then when you’re done, you can simpy wipe off any polish residue and sharpen the colour line.

Prevent fake tan disasters:
To avoid any telltale signs of DIY fake tanning, apply Vaseline into dry areas of your body such as your knees, elbows and wrists. This will prevent streaking and blotchiness of your tan.

Tame brows:
If your brows never seem to stay in shape regardless of the amount of times you comb them, apply a tiny amount over your eyebrows to set in place.

Shimmery eyelids:
Looks like Marilyn Monroe clued on to the beauty hacks long before us. Miss Monroe would dab a small amount of Vaseline on her eyelids for a glistening shiny-lid effect

Smooth hair frizz:
Having a bad hair day and humidity is at its peak? We feel your pain, simply warm a small amount in your palms and then gently smooth down over any stray hairs.

Removes lash glue:
Always finding sticky residue after you wear a set of falsies? Try smearing Vaseline on the lash line after you’ve removed your lashes and the glue will easily peel away after a couple of minutes.

Makes your perfume scent last longer:
Dab a little bit where you intend to spray your fragrance - instead of your scent absorbing into your skin, the Vaseline helps prolong the scent, making it last all day.  

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