The 4 beauty essentials Sydney Sweeney can't live without

Including her VERY unique use for one of them

Editor / February 24 2023

Considering we can’t seem to live without looking to Sydney Sweeney for intel, there are few things on planet beauty more interesting to us than the products that Sweeney herself cannot live without.

So when she spilled the identity of said items in a GQ interview, we were rather excited. Here's a breakdown of her non-negotiable beauty buys (plus the unique but underrated way she uses one)…

Sydney Sweeney's favourite perfume

“[My] perfume [is Giorgio] Armani My Way ($110 for 30ml at Myer),” Sweeney shared, showcasing a bottle of her signature scent (that happened to be on the empty side, proving that she does in fact use it constantly). “I need more, I’m almost out,” she laughed. “I was never a huge perfume girl growing up ‘cause my mum never really introduced me to it. And then as I got older, I started using it and this has become my scent. I love it so much – it smells like flowers and I feel like a princess whenever I have it on, [so] it’s my favourite scent.”

She doesn’t apply it sparingly, either. “I literally shower myself in perfume,” she added. “I like to get here and here,” she explained, spraying her scent on both sides of her neck and beneath her hair, before going on to reveal a few other less-traditional perfume placements. “Armpit, armpit, wrist,” she continued, before noting that she likes to ‘spread’ the scent (AKA rub her wrists together). “And then maybe sometimes the backs of your ankles, and that’s it.”


We bet you’ve never thought to apply your fragrance to your armpits or ankles before, have you? Well, it may be worth a try; the skin in your underarms does actually absorb fragrance well and so holds the scent for a long time. You might be thinking um, ouch, alcohol in open pores (that'll be the case if you've just shaved), but Sweeney actually demonstrated spritzing onto her clothes rather than straight onto her skin. Obviously not all fabrics will allow for this, but an armpit application will pay off if you can get away with it.

As for the ankles, Sweeney is certainly onto something! Your feet are constantly in motion when you’re on the move, so said placement will help to project the fragrance as you walk. It also ensures your scent stays consistent from head to toe. Genius!

Giorgio Armani My Way EDP

Sydney Sweeney's favourite lip balm

Her beloved lip formula is one favoured by Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid as well! Quite the Hollywood fave. “[My] Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ($31 at Sephora) is a must,” Sweeney revealed. “I have one in every bag, every vanity, every bathroom. Vanilla’s my favourite. I put it on when I sleep but I also put it on during the day – it’s pretty good.”

It's a stunning formula, there's no doubt, but just in case you don't want to splash over 30 bucks on a lip balm, we've tracked down a $5 dupe for this celeb-approved standout...

LANEIGE Vanilla Lip Sleeping Mask

Sydney Sweeney's favourite eye mask

“My next essential is a 111SKIN Eye Patch,” Sweeney confirmed, showing off the 111Skin Sub Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask ($25.74 at Cult Beauty). “These are everything for me – I travel with them, I wear them before I go to work, before carpets. I try to put eye patches on every morning just to wake myself up. These have become my favourite – I used to sting from eye patches, and this one just nourishes me the most. It’s this cool jelly material and it’s blue, which is my favourite colour.”

These periwinkle patches are selfie-worthy there's no doubt, but the hydrating and brightness-boosting benefits are even more impressive. If Sweeney's using them daily, it's no wonder she always looks so fresh!


Sydney Sweeney’s favourite red lipstick combination

If there’s something we’re obsessed with it’s figuring out the lip combinations of celebrities and our peers. 

Lucky for us, Sweeney just dished to her Instagram followers that her favourite red lipstick is actually a blend of two shades. 

“[I] mixed [Armani Lip Power Satin Lipstick] ($63 at Sephora) in shades 404 and 403 to create my new fave lip,” she revealed.

Armani Lip Power Satin Lipstick in '404'

Armani Lip Power Satin Lipstick in '403’

Shade 404 is a moody wine red, while 403 is the kind of classic neutral-toned red that could look good on literally anyone. 

The combination? A sophisticated deep rouge perfect for the evening or a winter's day when you can’t be bothered putting anything else on. We like your style, Sweeney.

And there you have the beauty essentials Sweeney cannot live without. The wishlist practically writes itself!

Main image credit: @melissa.hernandez

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