Here’s what The Bachelor Locky’s tattoos actually say and mean

An ink investigation

August 11 2020

Other than having the song ‘Bring Me A Higher Love’ subsequently in our heads for five hours, there’s one more thing that’s been bugging us about The Bachelor ads: What do Locky’s tattoos say?

Shirtless scenes are part and parcel of the reality TV show, and other than some scattered drawings on Matty J (apparently he has nine but they’re mostly lower body), it’s the first time we’ve had a Mr Bachelor with so many tattoos blocking all the peck close-ups.

We’re not mad about Locky’s chest hair, but its existence plus the cursive font and backwards mirror shot makes it hard to speed read. And so, we looked into it.

The big statement piece across his collarbone reads ‘Strength & Honour’ – phew there’s that one sorted.

A sucker for meaningful quotes perhaps, he also has a design that reads ‘You only live once’ on one bicep (wrapped in what looks like some sort of giant squid to us), while the opposite arm features a row of playing cards (a royal flush if you’re one for detail).

Living half his life in Bali where his business resides, Locky’s love for travel is also represented via ink, with a map of the world drawn on his ribs and an outline of Australia and the Southern Cross on one shoulder.

The 30-year-old love-seeker certainly favours bigger pieces, but some smaller writing can be found scrawled behind his ear and down his neck, however we’re yet to figure out what this one says. Here’s hoping for plenty of neck close-ups throughout the season.

Main image credit: Channel 10

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