The top celebrity body Australian women aspire to look like

Celebrity Aus Women Aspire To

Can you guess whose it is?

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / March 03 2020

When it comes to seeking out healthy living, fitness and eating inspiration, many of us have a tendency to turn to celebrities.

It’s incredibly easy to be influenced by the people we follow on social media, especially when our feeds are full of the likes of Khloe Kardashian advertising a new protein powder or Jesinta Franklin sharing her experience of learning how to box.

That’s why when a recent study revealed the top celebrity bodies Australian women aspire to look like, we were incredibly interested to find out the results to see if they matched up with our own top picks.

The study, conducted by McCrindle in partnership with leading laser company Cynosure, found the majority of Australian women have three A-listers in mind when considering their ideal body.

The research, which questioned 1000 Australian women aged between 25 and 60, found 23 per cent of the respondents aspired to replicate Jennifer Aniston’s strong, lean and athletic figure. Second place was taken out by model Miranda Kerr who received 15 per cent of the vote and 13 per cent dream of Jennifer Lopez’s curves.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Lopez

Miranda Kerr

Perhaps what’s more interesting than Australian women aspiring to look fit and toned foremost, was their lack of desire to have a curvaceous figure like Kim Kardashian, who only received two per cent of the vote.

While looking to celebrities for healthy living inspiration is by no means a bad thing, we also advocate focusing on making our bodies be the best they can be rather than making them look like someone else’s.

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What do you think of McCrindle’s body study? Were you surprised by the results? Let us know in the comments below.

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