The correct way to apply blush for your face shape

According to Gwyneth Paltrow’s makeup artist

BeautyCrew Beauty Editor / May 31 2019

Blush, in our personal opinion, is one of the most important steps in anyone’s makeup routine (hello, natural radiance!). But applying it correctly can be a tough trick to master.

Luckily, celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon (whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow and Anna Kendrick) teamed up with fellow makeup artist Ashlee Glazer to share their tips for achieving the perfect pop of colour every time in a recent interview with Who What Wear.

First, Aharon explains, tools really don’t matter: “You can use your fingers (make sure they’re clean), a sponge, or a brush”, noting it’s really just about what you feel comfortable using and the type of blush you’re using. Aharon recommends avoiding cream blush if you suffer from rosacea, acne or textured skin, saying, “If there’s texture on that area of the face (spots, scars, etc.), cream blush tends to draw attention to those, so I’d grab that powder”.

“I like to tap or press in the blush so that it deposits the colour evenly,” she explains. “If you need to blend it in further, use a foundation brush with a tiny bit of product patted on top. It becomes one with the skin this way.”

But the part that really matters here is product placement, and this is where most people get a little stuck. According to Aharon and Glazer, when it comes to creating the most flattering blush look for you, you should really be paying close attention to your face shape.

Blush for rectangle and oval face shapes

For oval and rectangular face shapes, Glazer recommends sweeping the blush up and out. “Sweep your blush higher and blend out toward the ears, you want to open up the face and end all your brushstrokes with wisps of the skin so you don’t end up with hard lines.”

Blush for round face shapes

Whereas round faces need to opt for a lighter hand: “going too close to the apples of your cheeks will look too cherub-y,” says Glazer. “Instead, apply slightly above the apples, keeping it very soft and swiping upward toward the temples to enhance the structure of the face.”

Blush for square and heart face shapes

Square and heart-shaped faces should focus on softening up the dimensions of their face by placing their cheek colour of choice a little higher than usual. "Start by using your eye as a guide and place the brush on the cheek in line with the outer eye line, and dust up," says Glazer.  "Dusting up will give soft angles to the face and add beautiful colour."

The more you know, eh?

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