The extreme new way to remove your stretch marks

Tash Oakley

It’s definitely out there, but the results are incredible

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / November 15 2017

Stretch marks are by no means everyone’s cup of tea. We need only look to the countless lotions and oils on the market that are formulated to minimise their appearance to see how widespread the desire to reduce those little squiggly white lines is.

The main problem with stretch marks is they’re the result of permanent skin damage that occurs when collagen and elastic fibres tear during puberty, pregnancy or when we gain weight. So while various products work to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate them.

Until now that is.

An extreme new way to totally remove stretch marks has been revealed and it’s all thanks to cosmetic tattoo artist Dominique Bossavy and her Nano Colour Infusion technique.

The Beverly Hills based artist (who also has offices in New York and Paris) essentially uses skin-coloured ink to tattoo over stretch marks to make them vanish into thin air.

To make the finished result look as natural as possible, Bossavy first uses a range of resurfacing treatments, similar to micro needling to ‘puff up’ the skin and even out any grooves.

Once the skin’s surface has been smoothed, Bossavy then matches custom mineral-based tattoo pigments to her client’s skin tone to completely eradicate the appearance of any stretch marks.

The main reason why Bossabvy is able to achieve such impressive results is due to the fact she’s a tetrachromat, which means she has an extra receptor in her retina that enables her to see up to 100 million colours (that’s nearly 100 times more than the average person).

This uncommon skill allows her to pick up on a range of different tones in the skin from yellows and pinks to browns and greys, which ensures a perfect skin colour match.

While the results speak for themselves, the treatment doesn’t come cheap, as each treatment will set you back approximately US $3,500 (which is approximately AUD $4,600) per area and will last anywhere between three and five years.

If you thought using a tattoo as a method to cover stretch marks was odd, then the latest tattoo trend taking the world by storm is sure to surprise you.

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