The genius way to cover a pimple scab without it looking flaky

How to cover pimple scabs

For when you just couldn’t not squeeze it

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 12 2018

So you’ve lost control and squeezed the spot. You crazy little thing, you. But hey, it happens and we’re not here to play the shame game because we can totally relate – there are just some spots that can’t be left untouched. 

Unfortunately, post-squeeze it’s more than likely you’ve ended up with a gnarly pimple scab that’s crazy hard to hide. Applying your usual concealer over the flaky skin surrounding your pimple scab is never a good time. Nine times out of 10 you’ll end up feeling like your scab looks so damn obvious you should just start asking for a plus one to everything. Sigh.

While you’ve probably heard it time and time again, squeezing spots is a big no-no because it can cause oil to go deeper in the skin, which may result in dreaded acne scarring. It’ll also irritate your skin, causing redness and making it way harder to cover up.

So, how the heck are you meant to cover said stubborn pimple scab? Our friends on Reddit’s Makeup Addiction subreddit have the perfect solution.

Along with prioritising the healing of your scab, in a recent thread someone recommended ditching your usual concealer and opting for a full-coverage loose powder foundation to cover the scab. And instead of poking around it with a big ol’ powder brush, you should use the pad of your finger to apply the powder.

The user by the name of MyNeighBertoloro said this method resulted in zero noticeable texture. “This will sound ass backwards, but if you don't want flakes then I highly recommend using a full coverage loose powder foundation as a concealer. What you do is you press the pad of your finger into the powder and then press that on top of the spot, and it will be even more full coverage and skin like than a liquid or cream concealer,” wrote MyNeighBertoloro.

The Reddit user said they actually came across this nifty little trick after having a hard time covering up a boil, “I have dry skin and one time had a really nasty purple boil between my brows from BHA purging. It scabbed and was really bad. [Tarte Cosmetics] Shape Tape (which is infamously full coverage) would pool in the centre then fade away from the edges while clinging to flakes within ten minutes making it look a horrible pus wart thing.” 

Yep, a horrible pus wart does not sound like fun.

“As a last resort I discovered the powder trick, and that actually flattened the overall appearance of it as well, people honestly couldn't tell at all that there was a lump there unless they were standing way off to the side. It also lasted for 8+ hours without primer.” 

This clever trick almost makes us want to get a pimple just to try it. Almost.

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What do you think of this Reddit trick? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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