The Inspired Unemployed's Matt Ford is healing his acne, here's everything he's done

"You feel like you're dirty or something"

Beauty Editor / August 21 2023

You know what it’s never a day for? Acne. Just ask one half of Australia’s funniest duo, Matt Ford. Since launching The Inspired Unemployed Instagram account during the depths of COVID, Ford quickly became one of the internet’s most familiar (and beloved) faces. 

From a few funny videos among a group of mates, to launching a beer, a podcast, a television show, modelling for David Jones and fronting not one but two GQ spreads (one sponsored by Fendi if you don’t mind), Ford’s explosive rise in popularity has been a wild but albeit incredibly public journey.

And while there’s no question that this group of mates are living the dream, there’s one all too familiar corner of Ford’s life that has resulted in quite the “shitty time”.


“It definitely f***s with your confidence having shitty skin,” Ford told Ryan Evans, the holistic coach who put  him on his skin healing journey. “You feel like you’re dirty or something all the time, I remember my confidence was low,” he continued. And after considering treatment via an unnamed drug, Ford opted for a more holistic and natural route instead. 


What did Matt Ford’s holistic acne management plan look like?

Between infrared sauna and ice bath sessions, Ford attributed cleaning up his diet, cutting out gluten, eating organic vegetables, 24-hour fasts and taking supplements as the game-changing lifestyle tweaks that assisted in healing his gut and began clearing up his skin “within a month”. 

“I feel so much better, I’ve got so much more energy, [my] skin is cleaning up [and my] confidence is coming back.”

As for the impact these changes have on someone with a social calendar as full as Ford’s? It’s a manageable and worthwhile juggle. “You can still have a normal life,” he assured. “It’s 80/20.”

Main image credit: @falc0nn

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