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Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 04 2018

From unicorn *everything*, to outlandish and squeamish-looking nails (um remember those hairy nails making the rounds on your feed?), you’ve got to hand it to Instagram – this bad boy has churned out some pretty interesting beauty trends.

And it seems that along with the trends we’ve never thought of even trying (read: squiggly eyebrows), there were a few winners in the mix (hello contouring and strobing!). But as with all things that take off, eventually there comes a tipping point and the masses lose interest. And if Reddit is anything to go by, there are a fair few viral beauty trends that may be on the way out. Here are a few of the makeup trends the Internet is officially over, according to those avid Redditors.

#1 /‘Unicorns & mermaids’ makeup

It appears Reddit is just not on board with covering their life with a sprinkling of glittery, sparkly mermicorn makeup. Like, really not on board. 

One Redditor wrote, “I’m tired of all the same shimmery colors being repeated in every palette. You know, the rose gold pink shimmer especially or that one iridescent pink/purple shade that was pretty unique at first but now you see it in every palette.”

And while some Instagram beauty gurus create amazing looks, I think we can all agree that rocking up to work with glittery blue brows and iridescent *everything* isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, “Bring on some mother nature-inspired products— full of greens, blues, yellows, browns,” wrote one Redditor. 

#2 /  The ‘Instagram’ look

Boy, was this one a biggie. While the ‘Instagram’ look still very much dominates most of our social feeds, it turns out people are getting a little over perfectly contoured cheeks, over-lined lips and maximum coverage.

One Redditor wrote, “[I’m over] the whole Instagram look…people doing their eyebrows the exact same way and contouring to the max in exactly the same places without actually thinking what would suit their individual faces/facial structure, nose contour when they already have a slim nose and over-lined lips even though they already have lip fillers.”

Reddit users also commented on how everyone on Instagram is sporting an almost homogenized beauty standard, “Everyone ends up looking exactly the same. To add to that, young people with lovely skin who hide it all underneath maximum coverage concealer/foundation. All that youthful glow, wasted.” 

Another Redditor added, “There are enough Kardashians and Kardashian look-alikes to last us seven lifetimes. There is only one you. Let's put the creamy concealer away for a while and see how pretty everyone really is.”

#3 /  Neutral palettes

While we love a good neutral palette just as much as the next person, it turns out the next person may not actually like it as much as we thought!

A Reddit user wrote, “I’m really sick of the endless stream of warm neutral palettes. I understand that they sell and brands want to go where the money is, but I have cool undertones/am a cool-toned fan and want to see some variety.”

Fellow Redditors were quick to agree, with one user adding, “I second this. Everything is orange/copper/gold/yellow. Where are the cool tones? Not everyone looks good with warm toned makeup. Also the pink/red shadows. Same reason. Those colours make a pale blue-eyed cool-toned person (me lol) look like I have pink eye. I'm not saying they shouldn't make these colours, obviously they suit many people. But there is next to nothing cool-toned.”


#4 / Nose highlighting

It seems we have taken things too far when it comes to the ol’ highlighter game. While this bad boy is a foolproof way to create a beautiful glow, it looks like the original purpose of highlighter could be getting a little blurred. Exhibit A: tip-of-the-nosehighlighting.

“I really dislike the tip-of-the-nose highlight trend. It's looks good on some people, but for most of the people who do it, I feel like there's always some other highlight they could do instead that'd be more flattering for their nose shape,” wrote one Redditor.

Another Redditor explained, “A subtle highlight is one thing, but anything too dramatic makes the nose tip appear more bulbous and negates the slimming or correcting effect of any contouring that was done.”

#5 / Cut Creasing

Cut creasing? Yeah, this is a hard no for Redditors, too. While the cut crease technique became a popular method to accentuate your eyes, Reddit is proving that this is a makeup fad they would rather forget, “Oooh I hate cut creases! And those too-damn-bold looks from Instagram. Ewww.”

Another user added, “SAME. I think cut creases only look good on a select few shapes and run the risk of looking like drag waaaay too easily.”

We think Reddit user squarepumpkins summed it all up pretty nicely, writing, “10 years ago bronzer stripes were completely frowned upon…we called them 'poo cheeks' (very mature) and now they're all the rage…makeup trends are weird.”

True that, squarepumpkins. True that.

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What do you think of this list? Any makeup trends you’re over? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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