Tried and tested: The Lip Lab Blend Your Own Foundation

The Lip Lab customised foundation

Beauty Crew’s beauty editor put the foundation service to the test

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

It’s a given that foundation can make your skin look flawless (like your skin, but better), except for those times when you see your face up close in unpleasant lighting and realise you’ve got the shade all wrong.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone:  finding the perfect shade for your face can be tough - whether you’re shopping in a store or buying a new foundation online - as what it looks like in the bottle can be so different to what it looks like on your skin. While you may find a super close match, there’s always room for improvement.

So, I was thrilled to discover The Lip Lab’s new in-store service - Blend Your Own, which as the name suggests, is a service that lets you mix and match a foundation formula that’s absolutely perfect for your skin tone. Here’s what I thought when I tried it for myself.

The lowdown

Head into any The Lip Lab location around the nation and for $75 you can have your very own custom-mixed bottle of foundation to take home. It’s as easy as that.

The process

Once I checked in with reception, I was seated at the consultation counter and was asked a few questions about any skin concerns I had, the kind of finish I wanted and the amount of coverage I prefer. I went with a light to medium coverage (something that’s great to wear to work), dewy formula and my biggest concern was hydration, as I sit in air-conditioning for most of the week. Within a few minutes, my The Lip Lab consultant started mixing different base colours and tones - mine was a combination of oil free and mineral moisture tint, which sounded perfect to me.


Throughout the process I was able to try the foundation on my own face to check that the shade was on point. If it was veering towards looking too ashy, the colour could be warmed up with a touch of orange or yellow. Interestingly, when the foundation turned out a little too orange, they just put a tiny drop of blue in the mixture to neutralise it. I tried on the foundation one last time and it was perfect; it blended right into my skin completely. Success, we got the right colour!

Good to know: Appointments are always recommended, as walk-ins aren’t always guaranteed a spot straight away (especially on the weekends as it can get super busy).

The final verdict

In just 45 minutes, I was able to leave The Lip Lab with a full sized 30mL bottle of my very own foundation. Was it all worth it? Certainly - I’ve added this product into my foundation wardrobe and it’s been on high rotation. And while $75 may be more than you usually spend on foundation, don’t forget this one is customised just for you and will always look flawless, which is well worth the price tag in our eyes.

Iantha is BEAUTYcrew's Beauty Editor, and has been part of the team since the site launched in 2016. Besides pinky-nude nail polish and wispy false lashes, she has a healthy obsession with face masks and skin care ingredients. Her previous work can be found in Virgin Australia Voyeur, Women's Health, and SHOP Til You Drop.