The Ordinary and NIOD ditch Black Friday for a month-long discount instead

And the reason why is a good one...

November 03 2020

In 2019, Deciem made the decision to shut down on Black Friday, closing its stores and website to consumers for the duration of the notoriously spend-heavy sale.

And now, in 2020, the parent company of cult skin care brands such as The Ordinary, NIOD and Hylamide is set to do the same, instead offering a 23 per cent discount off all products for the entire month of November. 

"Our message of responsible consumption and the importance of considered purchasing remains as it did in 2019," a statement from the company read. "We feel strongly that flash sales can often lead to rushed decisions, driven by the fear of a sell-out. Skin care purchases should be based on education over impulse."

Also known as The Abnormal Beauty Company, Deciem rarely holds sales for its iconic brands and products but is choosing to do so in order to reward its loyal customers for the support they show year-round.

The 23 per cent discount will be applied to all products from all brands, the only exception being on the day formerly known as Black Friday: 27th November, 2020. The brand will continue to close its doors on this day.

As well as the generous discount, Deciem has dubbed the month KNOWvember and will be running month-long educational content and online experiences, including an inside look into CEO & Co-Founder, Nicole Kilner's, at-home regimen. New content will be dropping every day via the Deciem website, where you'll also be reminded to 'shop slowly'.

Main image credit: @deciem

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