The perfume that will leave you smelling heavenly this summer

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Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / December 10 2018

Summer is just around the corner and we simply can’t wait. It’s one of our favourite seasons of the year because so many incredible memories are made - from squeezing in a dip in the ocean after work before the sun sets, to lazy days spent lounging around a pool with our friends, it’s always a season to remember.


To mark the occasion, we always like to start off the season with a new fragrance that will remind us of our summer memories every time we wear it. This summer, our top pick is Dior’s new J’adore Absolu, which follows from the success of J’adore, J’adore L’Or and J’adore In Joy. This dazzling perfume is sunny in nature and we think it’ll be on high rotation this season - here’s why.

Its creator is one of the best

This fragrance was created by François Demachy. Not only is he Dior’s perfume creator, he’s also one of the most celebrated figures in the industry. With successful scents like JOY By Dior, Miss Dior, Hypnotic Poison and Sauvage under his belt, we predict his latest creation will be equally coveted.

This special scent is for everyone

J’adore Absolu is a floral scent that’s a stunning balance of warm and fresh. The most recognisable element of the scent is its top note of jasmine. It actually combines two types of jasmine - jasmine sambac and Grasse jasmine, which are both delicate and feminine in character. “This flower, as legendary as it is fragile, must be picked at just the right moment, in the early hours of the morning when it is still damp with dew, as it opens up to the sun’s first rays, releasing its full power and its fragrant nuances,” explains Demachy. “Then, and only then, is the flower fully revealed in all its temperamental beauty, after a long and patient wait.”

Additional gorgeous florals, like rose and magnolia absolute, are also heroed to provide depth with every wear.

“In the morning, the jasmine has sharper, almost blackcurrant notes. When it is picked, it gives its all, delivering indolic strength. In the damp, cooler evening air, when it opens once again, it provides extraordinary sensations. The harvest over, the jasmine lets go, growing richer and even more sensual, releasing fruity apricot notes. I wanted to embody the full beauty of these many facets."
François Demachy

Beyond the beautiful bottle

The allure of J’adore Absolu doesn’t stop at the scent. While you may already be familiar with the iconic figure-eight silhouette it shares with its other J’adore iterations, you may not know the story behind the bottle’s unique design. Drawing inspiration from an ancient amphora, the bottle stands tall like a statue and is weighted to symbolise status. Its exterior is laced with a wave of gold bands (similar to a stack of fine necklaces) that emulate femininity, and it’s topped with a crystal-like orb that alludes to the element of magic the scent brings with every spritz.

The attention to detail is also what makes this bottle truly luxurious. From the ‘J‘adore’ inscribed on the lid and the ‘CD’ monogram inside the cap, to the crystal-clear bottle made by Baccarat, and even the undulating etched texture at the neck of the bottle, J‘adore Absolu is a collector’s item and one not to be missed this summer.


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Main image credit: Sevak Babakhani

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